Some online games, like brain games for adults, can actually make you smarter. In fact. brain training games help you get better at solving problems, thinking critically, and figuring out how things fit together. These games are all about strategizing and making quick decisions, which boosts your mental agility.

Additionally, certain online games require players to remember information, follow complex narratives, and pay attention to details. These activities can enhance memory and concentration skills, which, in turn, can be beneficial for academic performance. These interactive and engaging activities enhance your mental agility and problem-solving skills. Whether you're a student looking to essays order or a professional seeking online service and online help to improve your critical thinking abilities, incorporating these games into your daily routine can provide valuable benefits. They'll help sharpen your mind and enhance your focus, making essay writing easier. So, give your brain a workout, and watch as your academic soars with the assistance of top writers and online essay services.

Since you're reading this, you're probably a League of Legends player and may have even used our LoL boosting services. It is a popular online multiplayer video game that gives several cognitive and psychological benefits to students. Let’s see how an adapted version of LoL can help you grow as a student.

Strategic Thinking

LoL is a complex game that requires strategic thinking and planning. Consequently, players must make decisions on the fly, such as:

  • choosing champions

  • building items

  • coordinating team movements.

  • This enhances critical thinking and decision-making skills, which are transferable to academic tasks. What can it be? Let’s say, like problem-solving in mathematics or analyzing literature.


    In addition to strategic thinking, playing LoL involves managing multiple aspects simultaneously. For instance, players must:

  • monitor the minimap

  • coordinate with teammates

  • track enemy movements.

  • This multitasking ability can help students improve their capacity to manage multiple assignments and responsibilities effectively, reducing academic stress.

    Teamwork and Communication

    Moreover, LoL is a team-based game, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and communication. Effective teamwork in the game translates to better group projects and presentations in academics. Additionally, players also learn to give and receive constructive feedback, improving their interpersonal skills.


    Furthermore, LoL is known for its dynamic gameplay, where strategies and tactics can change rapidly. As a result, players must adapt to evolving situations, which enhances their adaptability and resilience. This is particularly beneficial when students face unexpected challenges or changes in academic tasks.

    Time Management

    Additionally, to excel in LoL, players need to allocate their time wisely, balancing farming, team fights, and objectives. This skill proves valuable in helping students manage their study time efficiently, ensuring they allocate enough time to different subjects and assignments.

    This is where our LoL ELO boosting services also come in handy because we can boost your account while you do your study time or similar chores.

    Stress Management

    Plus, LoL can be extremely competitive and intense, but it's also a great way to relieve stress. Playing games can help students chill out and feel less stressed, which can make them feel better mentally. But, you should find a balance and not go overboard with gaming. 'Cause too much of it can actually have the opposite effect.

    Focus and Concentration

    Playing League of Legends (LoL) requires a tonne of focus and concentration because it's super fast and always changing. In the game, you gotta always be on your toes, making quick decisions and nailing those moves. Also, some of the key things is to:

  • remember all the cool stuff their champion can do

  • keep an eye on the map

  • know where their buddies are

  • watch out for what the other team is up to.

  • So, being focused is really important for doing well in LoL. If you lose focus for even a second, you might miss out on chances or make big mistakes.

    Goal Setting and Achievement

    Furthermore, LoL provides a sense of achievement when players achieve in-game goals, such as winning matches or reaching higher ranks. This sense of achievement can foster a goal-oriented mindset in students, encouraging them to set and achieve academic goals.

    gaming chairs and monitors

    Social Interaction

    Lastly, LoL is a highly social game, often played with friends or other online players. This social aspect can improve students' social skills, as well as provide a sense of belonging and connection, which is essential for mental well-being.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, while LoL can offer these cognitive and psychological benefits, moderation is key. Why should you be careful with games? Because excessive gaming can have adverse effects on academic performance and mental health.

    And, it’s already backed up by so many studies. Therefore, students should strike a balance between gaming and other responsibilities to fully reap the potential benefits of playing LoL. No doubt, it’s a great means to sharpen mental abilities online.

    Author’s BIO

    Helen Birk is a developer of so-called games for the brain. She believes that brain exercise games are what’s needed by students who keep losing focus and mental sharpness. Helen promotes the idea that cognitive games can definitely bring academic success.

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