Introduction by our HotS Boost Team

Stukov is a Hero that our Heroes of the Storm boosting team has predicted would join the Nexus. :) He's a hero from the Starcraft franchise. How will he rank on our Heroes of the Storm Tier List, click and see. Stukov's release date is July 12th, 2017.

Pros & Cons


- Sustained AoE healing

- Has silence

- Strong basic attack

- Amazing ult (Massive Shove)


- High skill cap

- No cleanse

- Long Bio Kill Switch cooldown

- Risky & rewarding to go melee range

Stukov Build

stukov build hots NOTE: If you believe our build is outdated, please leave a comment and our professionals will update it immediately!

Stukov Counters (Avoid picking him vs these heroes)

- Anub'arak

- Arthas

- Artanis

- Genji

- Valeera

Tips & Tricks

1. Use Bio Kill Switch mostly for healing - it's less effective as a damaging tool

2. Using Bio Kill Switch removes the Healing Pathogen, try to wait as long as possible for Healing Pathogen to expire before activating for maximum effect of both abilities. Of course, if your team needs it activated earlier as it's risky, do it.

3. Use Healing Pathogen on a player that needs the healing the most. You can also use it on yourself and move towards your allies to manually spread it.

4. If you wish to detonate Weighted Pustules for damage and slow, make sure to cast Healing Pathogen first so you get both healing and damage detonation.

5. Lurking Arm is a great zoning ability and wave clear, you can use it to zone people out of objectives and clear waves effectively. Cancel it when it becomes unsafe as you're stuck.

6. You can try casting Healing Pathogen to the frontline, so it spreads towards the back of your team.

7. With the build we propose, on level 13 practice the root combo - hit an enemy with Weighted Pustule -> Cast Lurking Arm on them > Detonate to root them for 2s.

8. Use Lurking Arm to check bushes for enemies.

9. Your melee attack hits hard but be careful when going into melee range.

Thank you for reading our guide. Let us know if you disagree with anything or an update is needed! :)

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