Introduction by our HotS Boost Team

D.Va is a Hero that our Heroes of the Storm boosting team has NOT predicted would join the Nexus. :) She's a hero from the Overwatch franchise. How will she rank on our Heroes of the Storm Tier List, click and see. D.Va's release date is May 16th, 2017.

Pros & Cons


- Having "2 lives" (Mech and Pilot form)

- Fun dynamic playstyle

- Great damage reduction by Defense Matrix


- No crowd control

- Low movement speed when boosters on CD

- Squishy in Pilot form

- Could have trouble fitting in the meta

D.Va Build hots build If you believe the build is outdated, please leave a comment and we'll update immediately.

D'Va Counters

- Alarak

- Artanis

- Arthas

- Tychus

- Varian

Tips & Tricks

1. Use your boosters to knock people out of the mercenary camp and steal it / secure it.

2. Do not try to knock people with your boosters multiple times, it works only the first knock.

3. You cannot be slowed when using boosters, but you are NOT Unstoppable. Meaning people can stun you but cannot slow you.

4. Use your boosters to run to your backline quickly, knock divers away, and then pop Defense Matrix to protect them.

5. Boosters are cancellable by pressing Q again.

6. Self Destruct charges by doing basic attacks or taking damage, best way to charge it up quickly is running into a middle of a creep wave and clearing it with basic attacks.

7. A good Self Destruct combo is pressing boosters, then Self Destruct which will cause the Mech to keep flying and then pressing boosters again when you want the Mech to stop flying and detonate at that place. Boosters > SD > Boosters.

8. Self Destruct damage is largest in the middle and weakest at the edges.

9. Your Mech getting destroyed while you're in it, rewards 50% experience for the enemy team.

10. Always hit multiple targets with Big Shot to lose cooldown on your call Mech.

Thank you for reading our guide. Let us know if you disagree with anything or an update is needed! :)

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