Diablo 4's Season of Loot Reborn has significantly expanded its endgame and itemization systems. This season introduces The Pit, a new endgame activity similar to Greater Rifts from Diablo 3. Players must clear increasingly difficult dungeon tiers as quickly as possible.

If you finish The Pit within the time limit, you'll earn Masterwork materials and Stygian Hearts, which are used to summon the toughest fights in the game. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about The Pit, including how to unlock it, how to get Runeshards, and the rewards you can earn from farming this activity.

What Exactly Is The Pit In Diablo 4?

The Pit is a timed dungeon run where you must slay monsters and defeat a final boss as quickly as possible. Runs take place at the obelisk in Cerrigar and require Runeshards to enter, which you can earn from most World Tier 4 activities. Completing The Pit rewards you with Masterwork materials for upgrading your endgame items.

Endgame players will want to farm The Pit often to collect these materials, and it's a good test of your build's effectiveness. You have 15 minutes to clear The Pit, with each death reducing your time by 30, 60, or 90 seconds, depending on how many times you've died during that run. A balanced build with good damage and survivability is essential.

How To Unlock The Pit In Diablo 4?

The Pit unlocks after you complete the "Pit of the Artificer" quest, which becomes available once you reach World Tier 4: Nightmare difficulty. Finish the quest steps, then go to Cerrigar in Scosglen. Here, you'll find the Pit obelisk where you can start each run.

pit of the artificer

The Pit Tiers

Similar to Nightmare Dungeons, Pit runs are divided into tiers, starting at Level 100 (T1) and going up to Level 300 (T200). There are no modifiers in The Pit, so you only need to deal with high-level enemies and the time limit. Each run typically involves clearing two dungeons' worth of enemies and defeating a simple dungeon boss.

To start a run in The Pit, you'll need Runeshards. You can earn Runeshards from all World Tier 4 activities, including Nightmare Dungeons, Helltide chests, World Bosses, Legion Events, and certain boss fights. Each Pit run costs three Runeshards, which are not refunded if you fail.

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Unlocking New Tiers

To unlock new tiers in The Pit, players must defeat the boss within the 15-minute time limit. Unlocked tiers are shared among characters on the same realm (Eternal/Seasonal) and game mode (Softcore/Hardcore). The amount of time left at the end of a run determines how many tiers you unlock:

  • If you finish with up to 4 minutes remaining, you unlock 1 tier.

  • If you finish with 4-6 minutes remaining, you unlock 2 tiers.

  • If you finish with more than 6 minutes remaining, you unlock 3 tiers.

  • If you die during a run in The Pit, 30 seconds will be added to the timer. A second death adds 60 seconds, and each death after that adds 90 seconds. This penalty applies to the whole group, not just the individual player.

    diablo 4 the pit tiers

    The Pit Rewards

    Completing a run in The Pit rewards you with Rares, Legendaries, Uniques, Obols (for gambling), and various crafting materials, even if the timer runs out. If you finish within the time limit, you'll also get Masterworking materials (Obducite, Ingolith, and Neathiron) and sometimes Stygian Stones.

    The Pit is the only place to get Masterworking materials for upgrading gear and Stygian Stones for summoning Tormented Bosses. The quantity and quality of rewards depend on the tier you complete. Only the person who opens The Pit run can obtain Stygian Stones.

    the pit rewards

    Masterworking Rewards

    As mentioned earlier, Masterworking materials for upgrading gear can only be obtained from The Pit. These materials only drop if you complete the run within the time limit. The person who starts the run gets 100% of the Masterworking material rewards, while other group members receive 50%.

    The tier thresholds for each Masterworking material are listed in the table below and can also be viewed in-game in The Pit's tier difficulty menu.

  • Tier 1-29 (Monster Level 100-128): Obducite

  • Tier 30-59 (Monster Level 129-158): Ingolith

  • Tier 59+ (Monster Level 59+): Neathiron

  • The Pit Tips

  • You need to maximize your survivability by understanding the new armor system. Unlike the old system, the new one has a cap. To get the highest damage reduction, you need 9230 Armor, which gives you 85% damage reduction to physical attacks.

    Similar to Resistances, you can't get additional damage reduction from Armor beyond the 9230 cap. Once you reach this value, any extra Armor becomes useless. So, focus on reaching the maximum Armor value from your gear first, then work on capping out your Resistances. Avoid getting Armor affixes until you've maxed out your Armor value.

  • The next step is to reduce the damage you take from non-physical sources. You need to keep this below 70%. To do that, focus on gearing up with affixes that boost elemental resistance. Also, try to get the maximum implicit stats from gems and slot them with elemental resistance gems.

  • Leaving the Pit will permanently close it. So, it's crucial to prepare well before going in. If you can't finish the dungeon in your current run, you'll waste your materials.

  • Unlike Abbatoir of Zir, you can keep going in your run after you die in The Pit. But, if you die, your gear will lose durability, which means it can break. If that happens, you won't be able to repair your gear because you can't leave The Pit. So, make sure to repair your gear before you go in.

  • Give co-op a try! The Pit allows up to four players. Clients get only half of the host's earned materials and no Stygian Stones. But fighting as a group can make your runs much easier.

  • Don't overlook Elites! They give the most progress in your Pit run. If you kill every Elite you come across, you'll reach the final boss much faster.

  • Keep upgrading your gear: As you advance through The Pit’s tiers, make sure to keep improving your gear to keep up with the rising difficulty.

  • The type of boss you summon after filling the progression bar is random. Plus, each boss has echoes of other dangerous bosses helping them out. Make sure to remember their attack patterns, and be ready to dodge their abilities!

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    The Pit FAQ

    What is The Pit?

    The Pit is a timed dungeon run where you must slay monsters and defeat a final boss as quickly as possible

    When Can You Do The Pit?

    The Pit unlocks after you complete the "Pit of the Artificer" quest, which becomes available once you reach World Tier 4: Nightmare difficulty.

    What Are The Requirements For The Pit?

    You need one Runeshard to enter The Pit. These drop from end-game activities like Whispers, Helltide chests, and Nightmare Dungeons.

    Where Is The Pit In Diablo 4?

    You can find The Pit through the portal in Cerrigar.

    How Many Tiers Are In The Pit?

    There are currently 200 tiers.

    How Many Players Can Do The Pit?

    Up to four players in a group can enter The Pit together.

    Keep in mind, the player who opened The Pit gets most of the materials. Also, only the player who opened The Pit has a chance to receive the materials (Stygian Stones) used to summon Tormented Echoes, the game's highest-level bosses.

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