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Our Overwatch boost team continues the series of hero previews, today talking about Zenyatta.

As you all know, since Blizzard decided not to release any Overwatch Beta Keys, it’s hard for many of you to have detailed information about the heroes and the general Overwatch gameplay. That’s why we are providing these articles about our favourite heroes while we wait for the official Overwatch release date. Be sure to check our incoming Overwatch tier lists to see how your favourite heroes are placed during the Overwatch Beta!

Name: Tekhartha Zenyatta
Age: 20
Location: Shambali Monastery, Nepal
Occupation: Wandering Guru / Adventurer
Affiliation: The Shambali
Role: Support
Health: 50
Shield: 100
Catch Phrase: "True self is without form"


Zenyatta is an Omnic monk and nomad. After the Omnic Crisis, he experienced a spiritual awakening, this awakening made him believe that he was more than artificial intelligence and that he has a soul. The realization that he had a soul drove him and the other Omnic monks to wander, trying to heal humans, and teach them their ways in order to bring humans and robots back into harmony, repairing the damage done by the Omnic Crisis.

This goal made the Omnic monks world-famous, but Zenyatta did not agree with his peers' methods, he felt that the best way to repair the problems created by the Omnic Crisis was through building connections with humans, engaging with them on a personal level. This leads Zenyatta away from the Shambali, wandering and helping people as he goes to overcome their struggles and find enlightenment.

Abilities Orb of Destruction: Zenyatta summons five orbs. He can either launch one orb at the time or five of them quickly for more burst damage.

Orb of Harmony: Zenyatta sets an orb on a friendly hero. This orb will heal the ally passively until Zenyatta changes target or dies.

Orb of Discord: Zenyatta debuffs an enemy hero: he will take additional damage as long as Zenyatta lives or until he changes target.

Transcendence: Transcendence is an incredibly useful ultimate: it makes our hero totally invincible for six seconds and heals Zenyatta during that duration. After casting his ultimate, he can’t use other spells for the duration of the invincibility.


  • Invulnerability allows making great plays and baits
  • He is a support but has decent damage
  • Good buffs for his ally, especially because he doesn’t need to heal them actively
  • Good at assisting high burst assassins with his debuff
  • Excellent healing


  • Low mobility
  • Squishy
  • Having a selfistic ultimate has low value for a support
  • His spells are single target only: he has no Area of Effect buffs, debuffs or healings


Zenyatta’s Orb of Harmony is a great supporting ability for Bastion, as he can stay safely in sentry mode and be more aggressive than usual, as Basion won’t be concerned by flanks and Zenyatta can roam around the map in the meanwhile. On the other hand Orb of Discord helps Bastion bursting down enemies quickly, allowing for a lot of kills on squishy targets.

Orb of Discord is incredibly useful for Winston too: our favourite monkey will deal an insane amount of damage with the help of the debuff, and Orb of Harmony increases his survivability making him an incredible duelist, especially because of the high synergy with Winston’s ultimate, that gives our monkey extra health and tankiness.

Playing Reaper with a Zenyatta on your team feels really good. Zenyatta can cast his Orb of Harmony on Reaper increasing his survivability: he doesn’t need to follow him around the map like other healers to assist him. With this buff, Reaper can be tankier and survive burst damage while being pretty aggressive. Orb of Discord will make his damage skyrocket as well: Reaper is a very strong hero that is expected to dominate the Overwatch tier lists, and he is really, really scarier with a Zenyatta on his team.


McCree specializes in burst damage, and we know that Zenyatta’s Orb of Harmony heals over time. This means that nuking a target in a matter of seconds can’t be helped and the passive heal won’t matter at all. If McCree hits an enemy with his ultimate he will surely kill them, and Zenyatta doesn’t have any ability to help his teammates survive the burst.

Zenyatta himself has low mobility and can easily get caught in the fire. Widowmaker is another counter for Zenyatta, as she likes to avoid team fights and focuses on killing low hp heroes before Zenyatta’s Orb of Harmony heals them. Her sniping abilities allow her to effectively hunt down Zenyatta, who has low mobility and health points: he won’t be able to move freely around the map when the Widowmaker sets her eyes on him. Also, it’s very difficult to outplay her snipes with the invincibility as you need to have a vision of her.

Mercy is another great counter for Zenyatta: she can buff her allies’ damage with her beam weapon. This buffs basically allows every hero to out DPS Zenyatta, and will often force an ultimate in a close fight, forcing him into a bad position during key fights, especially in the latter stages of the game.


If you are playing as Zenyatta, remember to always have your Orb of Harmony set on one target to maximize the healing output. Unlike other supports, you don’t need to do anything to heal your ally, so use this ability on heroes who don’t like to group (eg the Widowmaker) to increase their survivability.

The Orb of Discord should always be on your highest priority target: he will, either way, take more punishment or he will need to play more defensively, neutralizing the threat. If you are getting focused or if you are caught out of position, don’t panic! Your ultimate will heal you while making you invulnerable, so consider your options: sometimes you can retaliate the damage.

How to Counter

Zenyatta is squishy and has low hp. Most of her buffs are indirect, so killing him is the best way to remove those buffs and debuffs. Remember the despite being support, Zenyatta’s damage is incredibly high, especially if he decides to quickly set his Orb of Discord on you to increase his burst.

Closing Words

This ends our review! Our Overwatch boosting team reminds you again, for your safety, that the only way to get into the Overwatch beta is to get an official Overwatch beta invite from Blizzard: don’t buy any “key” or you will get scammed!

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