For our first Overwatch Blog post, we would like to announce that we are already forming an Overwatch boost team, a team of professionals dedicated to assist you with ranking up. We already provide similar services, League of Legends Boosting and Heroes of the Storm Boosting.

Overwatch Beta Keys

Blizzard stated that they will not be using keys because of many scams and phishing attempts, also because of key selling. So make sure not to get tricked into buying a key. Overwatch also tweeted that “beta invites haven’t gone out yet”.

Overwatch Beta Tweet

Since we are still a couple of days away from the beta release, today we will show you what we saw on 15th October preview stream. If you happened to miss it, now you can have a preview of the Overwatch gameplay.

The stream lasted for two hours, on the channels of HayliNic and Ellohime. We saw many things worth mentioning: a new map, “Dorado”; two heroes, Roadhog and Junkrat, and many previews of the UI. The game is surely already at a great point, as we all expected since Overwatch beta release is scheduled for 27 October.

Overwatch Beta Preview

Personally we really liked the new character select lobby: in the new UI there are tips about how to optimize your team composition, a really useful tool for new players. For example, let’s say that your team has too many tanks but lacks damage: the system will suggest you to pick more assassins to balance the team composition.

Of course, Blizzard didn't want to enforce the meta too much, and you are free to ignore these tips and follow your heart. Remember to always check our Overwatch tier list, that you will soon find on our site: you can change characters during the game, so if you are having troubles winning a game, check our tier list and choose the best character!

Developers were active in the Twitch chat as well during the stream, and explained us a really cool mechanic. We saw a “on fire” bar right under your HP. This bar fills up as you score kills and go on a “killing streak”: the best performing player will get a flaming animation around their icon: a nice indicator for the strongest performance according to the bar. The developers also gave us a little insight on more features that are being “currently explored”: mainly a reward system giving cosmetic items, but who knows? Maybe there will be more!

Another cool feature was spotted in the post game lobby: the four best achievement of the friendly team are displayed as cards, for example most kills, most damage done and so on. Every team member can “vote” for the most worthy achievement at the end of the game: another feature that rewards the most impactful players. But as we said, these aren’t official features yet, so they may be subject to changes during the Overwatch beta.

Lastly, if you like muting the sound of the game and listen to your own music, I have bad news for you. Sound is a major part of Overwatch gameplay: if you are careful, you can listen to your enemies footsteps to anticipate them, and many abilities have their own sound. If you watched the stream, you know how scary the sound of Riptire, Junkrat’s ability, can be. Don’t underestimate the mental effects and try to find different ways to mind game your opponents exploiting the sound.

Overwatch Voice Chat

Keep in mind that Overwatch will also feature a voice chat! This is a huge innovation that will surely improve the communication, a crucial element in every game. Of course this feature is still in development, but you can try it during the Overwatch beta. Blizzard was really cryptic about it, but maybe we can expect to see the voice chat added also to other Blizzard games, namely Heroes of the Storm.

However the stream didn’t gave us any information about other new heroes or prices. Be sure to check our site in the next few days, because our Overwatch boost team will make sure to update you with the latest news From what we saw, Overwatch looks like a really fun game, and the beta starts in a few days: everything we saw on the streams will be available on 27 October, so don’t miss it! Good luck with getting beta access soon.

Sincerely, Boosting Factory's Overwatch Boost team.

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