Overwatch 2 Sojourn - Everything We Know So Far Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be telling you about the new Overwatch 2 hero Sojourn. I’ve gathered up all the info and going to be presenting it to you today, all in one place.

Since I’m a professional Overwatch 2 booster working for Boosting Factory, I must be up to date with all the OW 2 updates in order to enter the beta and the final game release completely ready. I’ll share some of that with you today.

Let’s not delay any further and proceed with what we know so far.

Who is Sojourn?

Vivian Chase (Sojourn) was a member of the Overwatch during the Golden Age and has stayed with them into the twilight years. She was a member of the Canadian Special Forces and has met Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76) there. They worked well together against the Omnics and he invited her to join the Overwatch.

Sojourn Abilities

Sojourn is a dynamic hitscan hero, seems to be a more advanced version of Soldier as a matter of fact.

Rail Gun

Sojourn’s Rail Gun is her primary and secondary fire. Her primary fire shoots bullets that generate energy on impact, while her secondary is a high impact shot that consumes the energy stored from the primary fire.

This ability will clearly reward high precision DPS players who are able to stack up energy well while outputting consistent damage, and then using the secondary to finish off people, again with high precision.

Power Slide

Her Power Slide allows her to ground slide and can be cancelled into a high jump if needed. Sojourn can use this ability to dodge a lot of abilities like Genji’s ultimate in the trailer.

Disruptor Shot

Sojourn’s Disruptor Shot allows her to fire an energy shot that slows and deals damage to enemies caught in it.

This one seems like a filler ability to give Sojourn’s some utility apart from her damage potential.

Ultimate: Overclock

Sojourn’s ultimate allows her to charge her Rail gun for a short duration and fire a charged shots that pierce through enemies.

Another powerful ability to finish off enemies with high precision. Sojourn seems like a fun and highly dynamic shooter DPS hero that will reward precise players.

Overwatch 2 beta launches on April 26, 2022 and you can apply here. I will be looking forward to test Sojourn in the closed PvP beta and update this post on the go, so check back later.

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