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Overwatch Ana – Guide, Counters, Tips & Tricks and more…

ana overwatch guide

Today our Overwatch boosting team will discuss the new hero, Ana Amari! Blizzard has shown us the newest addition to the Overwatch team, and it happens to be one of the founding members: Ana Amari, the “battle-scarred veteran” who has specialized weapons to give long-range support to her teammates. Her unique skills will probably make her high on our Overwatch Tier List.

Pros & Cons

– Sleep Dart can be the gamechanger to win the fight.
– Amazing ultimate.
– Mixture of offense and defense
– High skill cap
– Great Crowd Control

– Low HP
– Must be played from the back, safely
– Teammates must be in line of sight to get healed
– Not high mobility
– Bad aim = no healing


overwatch ana abilities

Her primary weapon is called the Biotic Rifle, which uses darts that can heal allies or harm her enemies. She also has Biotic Grenades that will both heal her allies and harm enemies within an area of effect range. The grenade makes affected allies get a temporary boost to any other healing, and affected enemies are unable to be healed at all. Our Overwatch boost experts think this ability will be quite powerful in fight scenarios. Her sidearm weapon shoots a Sleep Dart that will put enemies down but will not kill them, creating another stun effect to Overwatch. Finally, her ultimate ability is Nano Boost, which gives teammates large increased speed, resistance to attacks, and damage.

What is interesting is that our Overwatch Boosting team was all but certain that the new character would be called Sombra. We had a good breakdown why it would be, and while some elements of that speculation were right: Ana is a support sniper, disappeared after the fall of Overwatch, and is Pharah’s mother. But other than that, our OW boost team got it wrong. Well played, Blizzard.


Genji – This guy melts squishies, including you, Sleep Dart and escape.

Roadhog – Just like he loves all low HP and low mobility targets, he eats Ana too.

Winston – Outruns you and just sits on you until you die.

Widowmaker – She deals high damage to you.

Pharah – Too mobile for you, hard to hide.

D’va – Mobile and will cause you trouble.


1. If you manage to land all your shots, you can heal 75 HP per sec.

2. Your shots don’t have falloff long distance.

3. Scoped shots are hitscan shots, meaning they hit immediately, not travel time.

4. Non scoped shots dont hit immediately but have no arc, meaning they go straight.

5. Shoot for the body, not the head.

6. Teammates have bigger hitboxes than enemies.

7. D.Va’s Defense Matrix, Shields, and Barriers will block Sleep Dart.

8. Any damage to sleeping enemy will wake them up.

9. Sleep Dart will stop enemy’s ongoing ultimate.

10. Lucio’s Ultimate will interrupt the sleep.

11. Try to use Sleep Dart as escape too.

12. Biotic Grenade doubles your healing!

13. Biotic Grenade diables Zenyatta’s ultimate (on his team),Mercy’s Caduceus Staff, Soldier 76’s Biotic Field and Zenyatta’s Harmony Orb.

14. Reaper, Soldier, and Genji become unstoppable trucks when Nano Boosted during their ultimates.

15. Torbjorn’s turret does not benefit from Nano Boost, though the Torbjorn itself does.

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