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October 2018

Overwatch Season 13 Information | Start & End Dates | Rewards

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When Does Overwatch Season 13 Start?

Season 13 continues the 3 days off-season period, therefore, Overwatch’s Season 13 will start on November 1st 2018, 1 AM GMT (2 AM CET). For our American players, Season 13 starts on October 31st, at 5 PM PT.

When Does Overwatch Season 13 End?

Each Overwatch season lasts for about 2 months, therefore Season 13 will end on December 31st, 11 PM CET. For American players, on December 31st at 2 PM PST.

Season 13 Changes

Will be updated


Bronze – 65 Competitive Points
Silver – 125 Competitive Points
Gold – 250 Competitive Points
Platinum – 500 Competitive Points
Diamond – 750 Competitive Points
Master – 1200 Competitive Points
Grandmaster – 1750 Competitive Points

Can Boosting Factory help me increase my Skill Rating in Season 13?

That’s what we’re here for! Browse our services page and customize a boost that suits your current personal needs.

Do You Have Any Advice On How To Win More Placement Games?

Our professional Overwatch boosters have made a guide for you to help you win more of your placement games. However, as you probably know, winning games can sometimes be a heavy task considering the Overwatch’s average player base, unless you’re an extremely good player like our Overwatch boosting professionals.

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overwatch team deathmatch info

Overwatch Team Deathmatch Season 1 | Info, Dates & Rewards

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Team Deathmatch Mode Tips

Overwatch’s Deathmatch mode is an arcade mode that’s being launched as competitive for the first time in Overwatch’s history. Below, we’ll explain everything you need to know about season 1 of competitive deathmatch.

There is only one goal in Deathmatch, to reach 30 points before anyone else does, or the time runs out. Unlike normal ranked, Team Deathmatch consists of two teams with 4 players in each team.

1 kill awards you 1 point, and dying does not set back your score unless you suicide, then you lose a point. Minimum points you can have is 0. In order to win your team needs to get 30 points before the other team. Don’t worry, you can queue up alone or in stacks and the game will find you a team.

You can stack up and queue up with players of within 1000 skill rating for 1-3500 SR, within 500 SR for 3500-4000 and within 350 SR for 4000 or higher. The Skill Rating is taken from your normal ranked SR.

When you die, you will respawn somewhat close to your team but can be random on the map, away from enemies, this allows the winning team to snowball on the rest of your team, therefore try to gather up ASAP.

What Are The Best Heroes in Team Deathmatch?

– Winston
– Roadhog
– McCree
– Tracer
– Mei

Maps In Rotation

Maps in first competitive team deathmatch season will be Black Forest, Castillo, Château Guillard, Ecopoint: Antarctica, Necropolis, Dorado, Eichenwalde, Hollywood, King’s Row, Blizzard World.

Start & End Date

Season 1 starts on 29th October, just when the Season 12 ended, and ends on November 19th, 2018.

How Does Team DM Competitive Play Work?

You will start the season with 10 placement games that need to be completed just like in normal ranked mode and you will be placed somewhere in 1-5000. Nobody knows for sure how much does your normal ranked SR/MMR influence your team deathmatch placement outcome.

The mode also features a Top 500 ladder, end of season rewards in forms of sprays and Competitive Points rewards that stack with the CP rewards you get from the normal competitive mode, meaning, that’s twice the amount of CP you can now get to purchase your sweet Golden weapons!

Make sure not to forget about the 6000 CP cap, ergo, if you save 6000 CPs, you will not receive more CPs for winning games, but you will still receive the end of season competitive points.


overwatch team deathmatch rewards

Bronze – 40 CP
Silver – 75 CP
Gold – 150 CP
Platinum – 300 CP
Diamond – 450 CP
Master – 750 CP
Grandmaster – 1000 CP

You will also receive a spray and a player icon for participating. For the best of the best, there’s a Top 500 ladder that will reward you a Top 500 spray and a player icon.

Can You Help Me Get The Rewards?

Of course! Head to our Team Deathmatch services page and order the service you need to reach the SR you deserve, including Top 500! Don’t miss out on these amazing once in a lifetime sprays and tons of competitive points.

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