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Europe vs. Americas – Which Overwatch Region Is the Most Toxic?

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It’s no secret that toxicity is a large and quite dark part of online gaming, especially when it comes to PvP games, regardless of them being MMO, MOBA or FPS.

Unfortunately, Overwatch is no exception when it comes to players being toxic or negative, and despite Blizzard teaming up with other major companies to fight toxicity, it’s just not something you can end altogether, or at least not as fast.

While toxicity in Overwatch, or in any game for that matter, isn’t something that depends on a specific region, a lot of players have tried to figure out which Overwatch region is the most toxic. As for the candidates, that “competition” is disputed between Europe and Americas.

Which Overwatch region is the most toxic?

Well, if you want the shortest possible version, that’d be Americas. If you want to know the longer version, or why, then do read below.

Toxicity is toxicity regardless of the communication form, although it goes without saying that with English being the international language, the more fluent in English a toxic player is, the better and faster they can “express” themselves.

overwatch toxicity 1

Of course, a lot of players from Europe are also fluent in English, but the chance to have a 5-stacker group roasting you the entire match is much smaller, although that also depends on the rank you’re playing in.

That being said, the higher the rank you’re in, the more vocal the players are, which can be either a good or a bad thing. It can be a good thing when they use the voice chat for shot-calling or help with the strategy, and a bad thing when they use it to scream nonsense or to constantly blame others for what happens in a game.

Ignorance is bliss, they say, although, in this situation, a more appropriate quote would be “what you don’t know, can’t hurt you”. By that, I mean the toxicity in Europe can be ignored sometimes, thanks to the fact that a lot of people speak in their own language. This isn’t a solution per se, but rather a “workaround”.

overwatch toxicity 2

Another form of toxicity can also be done in a non-verbal way. For example, if a group of 5 premade decides to mass-report you for whatever false reason, which can even situationally lead to an automated suspension on your account. If this happens to you, you can hire an Overwatch account unban service to help with your case.


While it’s almost impossible to pin-point toxicity to a specific region or bracket per se, historically it’s been predominant on American servers. Once again, this doesn’t mean that American players are meaner or more negative, but it’s just easier for them to start blowing steam on voice or chat in a much more fluent and louder way.

As far as brackets go, lower ranks tend to see more of the verbal toxicity. When it comes to the higher ones, toxicity or negativity here ranges from verbal, although less than in lower ranks, to picking “way off-meta” heroes or just simply leaving voice chat altogether and not contributing to the team’s goal.

That’s understandable, as usually a top 500 team that has a player throwing the game is at a much more disadvantage compared to lower tiers, since the enemies are much more unforgiving here, and while a 5v6 can sometimes be achieved in lower ranks, it’s almost impossible in a Grandmaster tier game.

All in all, while toxicity can’t be stopped altogether, there are means to end it yourself in that very match, by muting and reporting the player who’s bothering you, and if that player gets acted upon, you’ll get a “thank you for reporting” in-game pop-up from Blizzard, as confirmation!

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overwatch competitive deathmatch explained

Overwatch Competitive Deathmatch Season 2 | Info, Dates & Rewards

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For Team Deathmatch info, follow this post.

Deathmatch Mode Explained

Overwatch’s Deathmatch mode is an arcade mode that’s currently featuring it’s second season. Below, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Season 2 of competitive deathmatch.

There is only one goal in Deathmatch, to reach 20 points before anyone else does, or the time runs out. Unlike other game modes, Deathmatch has no teams. 8 players in the match compete against each other.

1 kill awards you 1 point, and dying does not set back your score unless you suicide, then you lose a point. Minimum points you can have is 0. In order to win you need to be in top 4.

Maps In Rotation

Maps in rotation are Château Guillard and Petra.

Start & End Date

Season 2 started on June 18th, 2019, and ends on July 9th, 2019.

How Does Competitive Play Work?

You will start the season with 10 placement games that need to be completed just like in normal ranked mode and you will be placed somewhere in 1-5000. Your hidden matchmaking-rating is taken from your Season 1 Deathmatch tier or if you haven’t played, normal ranked mode..

The mode also features a Top 500 ladder, end of season rewards in forms of sprays and Competitive Points rewards that stack with the CP rewards you get from normal competitive mode, meaning, that’s twice the amount of CP you can now get to purchase your sweet Golden weapons!

Make sure not to forget about the 6000 CP cap, ergo, if you save 6000 CPs, you will not receive more CPs for winning games, but you will still receive the end of season competitive points.


Bronze – 40 CP
Silver – 75 CP
Gold – 150 CP
Platinum – 300 CP
Diamond – 450 CP
Master – 750 CP
Grandmaster – 1000 CP

You will also receive a spray and a player icon for participating. For the best of the best, there’s a Top 500 ladder that will reward you a Top 500 spray and a player icon.

Can You Help Me Get The Rewards?

Of course! Head to our Competitive Deathmatch services page and order the service you need to reach the SR you deserve, including Top 500! Don’t miss out on these amazing once in a lifetime sprays and tons of competitive points.

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overwatch 2nd anniversary_final

Overwatch’s Second Anniversary Event Is Here

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Overwatch Turns Two

Our beloved game turns two and an anniversary celebration is due because time flies! 2018 anniversary is nearly here, an amazing developer team is launching a special event that starts on May 22nd and will last until June 11th. It features a ton of content, skins and more…

New Skins

A total of 50 new cosmetic items are available, including 11 skins. Three epic skins, eight legendary skins, and fresh dance emotes for Doomfist, Moira, and Brigitte.

A Blast From The Past

Seasonal content from last year is returning! If your collection is missing for instance Witch Mercy or Summer Games Zarya, you can add them to your collection during the anniversary. If you missed the Winter Wonderland, Halloween Terror, Summer Games and Lunar New Year, now’s your chance.

Seasonal game modes will also return, Lucioball, Junkenstein and Yeti Hunt. On top of that, Overwatch Retribution and Uprising will also return. Each day will feature another mode, a rotation system.

Deatmatch Competitive

Last year, Deathmatch mode featured three new maps: Necropolis, Black Forest, and Castillo. This year another one is being added to the rotation. The map we’re talking about is Petra. On top of that, Chateau Guillard is also available, and that’s one of the most intense maps out there if you ask us.

Deathmatch will also be competitive, with competitive points rewards and ladders. And of course, we can give you a little push there. 😉

Anniversary Lootboxes

Just like before, anniversary gear will be featured in the anniversary loot boxes. By simply logging in, you get a Legendary Anniversary Loot Box that guarantees you one legendary item. If you purchase a bundle of 50 boxes, you will receive one more legendary loot box for free. We wish you luck and will pray to RNG gods for you so you can get the loot you really wanted last year!

All in all, this year’s anniversary is flooding with content and we love it!

Don’t miss out on the achievements again, each brawl except Deathmatch is available for 24 hours only!

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