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July 2017

Who Is The Next Hero After Doomfist?

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next overwatch hero

Blizzard is currently preparing to release Doomfist, the 25th Overwatch hero, some of our Overwatch boosting team members are curious who could be the next one. As expected, not much is being said.

New Overwatch Hero Launch

Blizzard has a tradition of launching new heroes every 4 months, there’s a clear pattern here. Ana was launched in July 2016 and Sombra followed in November 2016.

Orisa arrived in March 2017 and Doomfist is coming in late July, same year. If we follow the pattern, next hero will be here in November 2017. Blizzard’s teasers could come in September or October.

Candidates For The Next Overwatch Hero

We have three names lined up. Bria, Ivon and Hammond. Hammond has already been teased in Overwatch lore. He was also released during the Horizon Lunar Colony launch, this is, of course, all speculation. Hammond’s description is that he’s a creature somewhat smaller than Winston. Apparently, people running the Lijiang Interstellar are looking for the creature.

Bria and Ivon were supposedly leaked by one of Blizzard’s employees a couple of months ago. If speculations are true, Bria is the youngest Overwatch character. She is a young girl having a punk character and using gadgets to utilize her abilities.

Ivon is apparently an old man with a tablet which should be his main source of abilities. He also carries a suppression pistol.

We will update this post as soon as more info surfaces. Stay in touch!

Don’t Play Ranked Overwatch On Weekends!

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Just like everything else, yes, Overwatch takes practice. Being a pro takes hundreds of hours, in fact. Yeah, the pro players have tons of natural skill, but matches are decided by strategy, teamwork, and–yes–practice alongside your team.

Well, what if you’re queueing alone? What if it’s you and five randoms? The outcome of solo queue is more up to chance than you think.

Queueing up means leaving fate up to RNGesus, and you have to hope he’s merciful in giving you a decent team. We’re here to tell you that time is a significant factor. There’s a right time to queue and a wrong time, too. Our Overwatch boost team knows this the best.

Your team might be made of weekend warriors.

People have been asking these kinds of questions for years. Is laddering harder in the summer because of kids? Is it better to queue in the morning or at night? Does the weekend matter? Well, it took the Overwatch community to find the answer.

Reddit user ThaITGuy spent some time researching this and found that he has much more success with his ranked teams when he plays during the week. If you watch the video, he certainly isn’t showing off any fake data. This is the real deal.

ThaITGuy had two different accounts that both started from scratch. One only queued from Monday to Friday, and the other queued on the weekend. The difference is pretty staggering.

Both accounts were piloted by the same player, a support main. The weekday account had an SR of 3287. The weekend account didn’t break 2800. Our Ow Skill Rating boosting also goes easier during the week, our professionals boost 7 days a week but they noticed the difference too.

What does this imply for the long term?

Well, we said the data wasn’t fake, and it isn’t. But it’s not completely impartial. This test would have to be done a lot of times to account for every single variable. He could have taken into account map types, lag, comparison of playtime for each day, etc.

All having been said and done, he wasn’t completely wrong. Obviously, Blizzard games like Overwatch are going to have significantly higher traffic on the weekends. The assumption is that the higher traffic is due to weaker players getting online to blow off steam.

After all, if they have a life outside of the game, how can they git gud?

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Learn How To Master Doomfist In less Than 5 Minutes

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doomfist guide

Introduction by our Overwatch Boosting Team

Doomfist is a hero that our Overwatch boosting team has predicted would join the game. 🙂 He’s an offense brawler hero. How will he rank on our Overwatch Tier List, click and see. We won’t take much of your time but we’ll give you just enough info to learn how to play Doomfist.

Real Name: Akande Ogundimu, Age: 45
Occupation: Mercenary
Base of Operations: Oyo, Nigeria
Affiliation: Talon

Doomfist Abilities

[LMB] Hand Cannon

– Short-range weapon with spread effect. Auto reload.

– Use this ability as a poke, deal a steady stream of damage before you decide are you going all in or not. You have a ranged ability which doesn’t endanger you.

– When approaching the enemy, try dealing some damage while moving towards and then going all in, instead of just charging all in with no previous damage dealt.

– Combine it with Rising Uppercut – when you launch yourself into the air with the Uppercut, you have a couple of moments to do some damage with the Hand Cannon, advises our Overwatch boost team.

– You do not have a large ammo clip, try clicking it instead of spraying the ability to save up.

[RMB] – Rocket Punch

– Hold to charge then release to launch forward and knock an enemy player backward. Damage increased if the enemy hits a wall.

[LSHIFT] – Rising Uppercut

– Knock an enemy into the air.

– This one’s more of a mobility tool, low damage and short range that limits your usage.

– When in a nasty fight, just use it to get some breathing room and decide your next move, similar to Winston.

– Combine it with Hand Cannon, while you’re in the air, shoot people with the Hand Cannon.

– Use it as a dodging tool, if you’re fast enough.

– Use a cool combo Rising Uppercut > Rocket Punch > Hand Cannon, advises our Ow boosting team.

[E] – Seismic Slam

– Leap forward and smash the floor, knocking all nearby enemies.

– Try using Seismic Slam into Rising Uppercut and finish with Rocket Punch or Hand Cannon

[Q] – Meteor Strike

– Press Q to jump up into the air. Aim the targeting circle, then press LMB to strike the targeted field.

– Use it to clear out stacked up enemies or zone people out of objectives for instance.

– You can go through roofs!

– Comboing with Zarya’s ult is deadly.

[PASSIVE] – The Best Defense

– Create temporary personal shields when he deals ability damage.

doomfist guide 2


1. Sombra – if you get hacked, you’re screwed as you’re really ability dependant.

2. Orisa – her whole kit is like it’s designed vs Doomfist, her shield is mobile, Halt! can be used to pull you away and Fortify prevents knock ups, knockbacks or damage.

3. High mobility heroes like Tracer, Genji and Pharah – you will have a hard time catching them and your hitbox is quite large.

4. Anyone that can keep their distance and shoot from range.

Strong Against

1. Tanks and close range heroes (Rein, Zarya, Roadhog)

2. Low mobility heroes (Ana, Symmetra, Torb)

3. Supports (Mercy, Zenyatta)

Doomfist Tips

1. Yes, his primary fire is a shotgun, but it has no damage falloff. It’s surprisingly potent at medium ranges. Get damage in with it before lunging in for the kill with the rest of your kit, and be sure to use it as a finisher after you use all your skills.

2. Our time with Doomfist has led us to believe he’s excellent at catching one or two heroes out and separating them for fast kills, much like Roadhog does. Also, like Roadhog, he’s surprisingly vulnerable in the fray. Try to put in some thought about your decisions before going in.

3. Rising Uppercut has kill potential, but it’s also your prime mobility tool. Think of it like a Junkrat mine–you can do damage with it, but it might be more effective to use it to get somewhere else quickly like one our Ow boost team members would.

4. If someone’s out in the open, the “combo” is as follows:
Uppercut, Seismic Slam, Rocket Punch, left click.
You can change the order, of course, especially depending on character type and how much health they have. In any case, this will make short work of opponents.

5. You don’t always have to charge Rocket Punch all the way for optimal play. Sometimes, it’s better to just use a quick burst to finish someone off or close a smaller gap.

6. Meteor Strike is best used as a mobility tool for a DPS tool. Seeing the pattern? You can use it to “skip” the frontline and go directly to the backline, picking off any healers or weak offense heroes. In this way, Doomfist is most similar to Genji.

7. Try not to force fights like a tank would. Doomfist thrives in up-close encounters, but can’t always force them. He is a hero that requires patience to play to his full potential. Be careful with your engages, because you are the embodiment of “glass cannon.”

8. You probably figured this one out already, but Seismic Slam is best when targets are grouped up. In the first team fight on a payload map, it can be a devastating threat.

9. ”Mobility” doesn’t just mean “aggressive play” for an Offense hero–keep this in mind when playing Doomfist! Save your tools if you’re uneasy about a fight, or if you think you can get more out of the fight by disengaging. Even if you decide not to leave the fight, saving the tools for later can bait the enemy into overcommitting to a fight when you have more firepower!

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