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July 2016

The Competitive Meta – A Look Into Pro Drafting

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Since Overwatch was in the closed beta, eSport teams were created and the first tournaments were played. At the moment the game is already released and the first LANs Overwatch from TakeTV (Europe) and eSportArena (USA) ended. Many games were played and various combinations of heroes seem to be very effective. This article will show you some of the best picks and combinations of heroes for different maps. Remember to use our Overwatch boosting service for the best experience.

The Different Support Combos

Playing at least one support in your team is highly recommended, so we regularly see a Mercy or Lucio on your team or on the enemy team. The reason for these picks is simple: Lucio has a passive aura healing, which provides the closest allies a constant amount of healing and final can counter large amounts of incoming damage. On the other hand, Mercy’s Resurrect can change very quickly situations that can be lost to a situation of great advantage for her team. Both heroes seem to be equally strong, but together they are much more difficult to handle. Taking the Resurrect, the Sound Barrier with a constant passive which is from Lucio, Mercy gives the ability to increase the damage of your team as McCree, Pharrah or Widowmaker. Combinations of both heroes are often used by teams with a tank as Reinhardt and is recommended play if you feel you have enough damage. If you feel you have no damage on your team, you should choose only Mercy as an individual support. Our overwatch tier list provides more information about this.

The map that you play is also very important to support picks. Hybrid maps and points of capture as Numbani or Temple of Anubis are very difficult to defend, as the spawn point is far away. Therefore, you should consider using Symmetra rather than Lucio. To complete the support picks, Zenyatta is the support less used in the Meta. The reason for this is that the health pool of Zenyatta is very low, and an enemy Widowmaker and their damage is superior to common carriers, the time in which their orbs flying is very high and compared to other supports he seems to be very weak. The gameplay seems to be somewhat rare, because it has only 150 life, but his ultimate forces you to be at the front to heal your team.

mercy overwatch

A Quick Look into Carries

Now that you know what support you must choose, it’s now time for Carries. In tournaments and competitive games, McCree was often seen and Widowmaker. Both heroes provide an amount of damage and the McCree ‘s Flashbang with the Fan Hammer combo deals great damage to the enemy. Widowmaker is used to harass enemies supports and to eliminate the enemy sniper. Soldier: 76 also is used in combination with Zarya and Reinhardt to poke enemies and kill them all with their ultimate. Many heroes compositions have at least one McCree and Widowmaker.

If the team needs to be more offensive, Widowmaker can be replaced by McCree or Tracer. Pharrah, Genji and Tracer will have no chance against other Carries. People often choose Tracer or Genji for maps as Route 66, Numbani or Hollywood. The best maps for Tracer are Nepal, Illios and Lijiang Tower, where you can fight at close range and your ultimate can kill large parts of the enemy team while capturing the point.

mccree overwatch

The Different Compositions

You’ll be asking yourself why we have not mentioned the tanks yet, but now we’ll show some team compositions and tanks currently represent a very important role in the team. Remember to check out our Overwatch boost service.

Standard: This composition of this team is the basic composition that can handle almost all enemies if you play your cards right. Reinhardt, Mercy, Lucio, McCree, Widowmaker and other carry as Tracer, Soldier: 76th McCree are considered as the basic setup for almost all maps. With this composition, you have a basic setup that provides you with enough healing, damage and survival. Reinhardt’s Shatter the Earth can be used with High Noon to win fights. Lucio’s Sound Barrier and Mercy’s Resurrect can protect you from death. Being behind the team, Reinhardt gives your team enough to inflict damage and push. This combination is often used to defend, but instead of a carry, should add a Junkrat for constant damage. Our Overwatch boost service will help you improve your gameplay.

Two Tanks: The next team composition is similar to the first, but adds an additional tank and is regularly used to defend objectives. Adding an extra tank as Zarya or Winston gives your team more potential team fights and survival. Zarya inflicts a lot of damage and her ultimate provides your team a good teamfight, while Winston should be chosen against Widowmaker to jump aggressively on her or to Mercy and try to eliminate them. Its ultimate can be used to push between objectives and finish the last meters to the checkpoint.

A healer: Instead of changing a carry to a tank, some teams prefer to play with a single support. Mercy should be chosen as the support to give your team more damage against the tank compositions. You must play with two tanks, a support and three characters of damage. This composition is used regularly by the defensive team so they can eliminate the enemy tanks with your damage team. If you need more damage, you can easily change to an offtank character to give your team more power.

Different Maps, Different Tactics

With the common combination of heroes, there are some special tactics and picks in different maps.

Hybrid and Capture Point Maps: in hybrid and capture point maps, you must defend a point when you start to play. So you must replace your Lucio support with a Symmetra. Her ability to create a Teleporter is a great advantage to defend their shields point and give your team life enough to survive. Sound Barrier can’t be replaced but her Teleporter will give your team an advantage to reach the point of return. The Symmetra’s Sentry Turrets will also help to defend the point as you go through the shield of Reinhardt to harass. Normally you will not end the game playing defense, but you can delay the enemy and earn more time. Additionally Pharrah is a very strong carry on King’s Row and Hollywood, as their ability to control the higher ground as the roofs of Hollywood. Instead have a third carry in Hollywood, you can also use Torbjörn on the first point to be considerable damage and protection. Tracer is also a good choice for your defense if you decide not to play with Symmetra, since she can return to the point and prevent the enemies capture it. Overwatch leveling it’s easier if you contact our Overwatch team.

Escort Maps: In Dorado, you can also choose to Symmetra instead of Lucio to defend the checkpoints. Route 66 and Watchpoint: Gibraltar are good maps for compositions 2 tanks as offensive. But instead of choosing Reinhardt, you can choose two Winstons to push the enemy aggressively and to take an advantage in those situations where it seems very difficult to reach the checkpoints, like the shuttle stage of Watchpoint: Gibraltar. When the attacking team is about to complete the map, some teams have decided to choose to Bastion to destroy tanks and to gain more time for your team.

King of the Hill Maps:
Illios, Lijiang Tower and Nepal need some special combinations of heroes. You probably wanna play with two Lucios and two Winstons. Two Lucios is a good tactic to push enemies map and two Winstons or Winston / Zarya to deal damage and to survive. Carries as Tracer, Soldier: Pharrah 76 and are often used in maps for good poke and their ultimate. A Bastion is also a good pick if you can take it to the point to deal more damage and destroy enemy tanks.

overwatch pro composition

Even before the game was officially released, we saw a Meta coming through. Many teams have the same composition and some heroes like Symmetra take advantage of the map. We recommend you to check our Overwatch tier list.

Overwatch Ana – Guide, Counters, Tips & Tricks and more…

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ana overwatch guide

Today our Overwatch boosting team will discuss the new hero, Ana Amari! Blizzard has shown us the newest addition to the Overwatch team, and it happens to be one of the founding members: Ana Amari, the “battle-scarred veteran” who has specialized weapons to give long-range support to her teammates. Her unique skills will probably make her high on our Overwatch Tier List.

Pros & Cons

– Sleep Dart can be the gamechanger to win the fight.
– Amazing ultimate.
– Mixture of offense and defense
– High skill cap
– Great Crowd Control

– Low HP
– Must be played from the back, safely
– Teammates must be in line of sight to get healed
– Not high mobility
– Bad aim = no healing


overwatch ana abilities

Her primary weapon is called the Biotic Rifle, which uses darts that can heal allies or harm her enemies. She also has Biotic Grenades that will both heal her allies and harm enemies within an area of effect range. The grenade makes affected allies get a temporary boost to any other healing, and affected enemies are unable to be healed at all. Our Overwatch boost experts think this ability will be quite powerful in fight scenarios. Her sidearm weapon shoots a Sleep Dart that will put enemies down but will not kill them, creating another stun effect to Overwatch. Finally, her ultimate ability is Nano Boost, which gives teammates large increased speed, resistance to attacks, and damage.

What is interesting is that our Overwatch Boosting team was all but certain that the new character would be called Sombra. We had a good breakdown why it would be, and while some elements of that speculation were right: Ana is a support sniper, disappeared after the fall of Overwatch, and is Pharah’s mother. But other than that, our OW boost team got it wrong. Well played, Blizzard.


Genji – This guy melts squishies, including you, Sleep Dart and escape.

Roadhog – Just like he loves all low HP and low mobility targets, he eats Ana too.

Winston – Outruns you and just sits on you until you die.

Widowmaker – She deals high damage to you.

Pharah – Too mobile for you, hard to hide.

D’va – Mobile and will cause you trouble.


1. If you manage to land all your shots, you can heal 75 HP per sec.

2. Your shots don’t have falloff long distance.

3. Scoped shots are hitscan shots, meaning they hit immediately, not travel time.

4. Non scoped shots dont hit immediately but have no arc, meaning they go straight.

5. Shoot for the body, not the head.

6. Teammates have bigger hitboxes than enemies.

7. D.Va’s Defense Matrix, Shields, and Barriers will block Sleep Dart.

8. Any damage to sleeping enemy will wake them up.

9. Sleep Dart will stop enemy’s ongoing ultimate.

10. Lucio’s Ultimate will interrupt the sleep.

11. Try to use Sleep Dart as escape too.

12. Biotic Grenade doubles your healing!

13. Biotic Grenade diables Zenyatta’s ultimate (on his team),Mercy’s Caduceus Staff, Soldier 76’s Biotic Field and Zenyatta’s Harmony Orb.

14. Reaper, Soldier, and Genji become unstoppable trucks when Nano Boosted during their ultimates.

15. Torbjorn’s turret does not benefit from Nano Boost, though the Torbjorn itself does.

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