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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Play Ranked During Season 10 Preseason

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  • 19/11/2019
Hey lads! If you’re reading this, the ranked season is most likely over and now you’re wondering “What the hell is Riot thinking with such long preseason?!”. Preseason usually lasts for around 8 weeks. Therefore, League of Legend’s Season 10 starts on January 10th, 2020, and that’s hella long time for us ranked addicts here at Boosting Factory. We don’t want our LoL boosting pros to get rusty don’t we? :)

We’re writing this article to let you know that there’s no need to get rusty, preseason ranked is actually a great time to play ranked and our League boosting team will show you why. Let’s dig in.

Use The Preseason Time To Work On Your Weak Champions

Again, by playing ranked. We don’t mean take a completely new champion and hop into ranked with it. Absolutely not. You’re often called to fill, you did somewhat decent but it wasn’t your comfort pick? Time to make that champ your comfort pick this preseason.

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Divisions Gained In Preseason COUNT!

We often hear players saying they won’t play ranked in preseason because the ranked resets and they start from placements. That’s true. But the ranked doesn’t reset HARD. It does a so called SOFT reset for everyone, meaning every player’s MMR is reset by a chunk only, meaning that if you went up 5 divisions in preseason, you will place significantly higher with the SAME score.

Look For A Potential Duo Partner For The Next Season

Try out that guy that’s been spamming you whole season for duo. Add someone from your game that you went well with. Socialize, find a duo partner that suits your playstyle and dominate the next season ready.

If you want the best of the best, our League boosting professionals are here for you during the whole preseason. Get a guaranteed division boost or pay per game duo boost to find a booster that suits your schedule and style.

The Game Changes Drastically During Preseason

Every time we hit preseason, a major patch is released with tons of new changes and you want to get used to them before the official season starts. You might think, I can do that in normals, but, the thing is, in order to get good at something you need to do that thing repeatedly over and over until you’re good at it. If you want to prepare for the new season’s placement games in ranked, how will playing normals help you with that? You need to practice ranked.

Brag With That Ranked Medal for a While!

In the end, it’s still ranked and ranking up feels nice and makes you feel achieved and rewarded. Go for it and have fun!

Getting a Ranked Boost is Much Cheaper Than Regular Season

Here at Boosting Factory we’re on your service for the whole duration of preseason and our services are heavily discounted, best time of the year to get your desired division.

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