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Ignorance And Arrogance, are you?

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  • 03/02/2016
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Hi guys! Today our LoL elo boost team will talk about personal improvement, specifically we will focus on how ignorance and arrogance can make you a worst player.

Sometimes you are not hold back solely by your skill level, but it’s your mentality. Ignorance and arrogance can be seen as “strengths”, since they allow you to be confident in your mechanics and game knowledge, and nobody can win without taking risks. But many players are overconfident and don’t know their limits, and during our duo queue boost we often see these kind of mistakes. LoL is an extremely complex game, and you shouldn’t assume to know it perfectly.

Is ignorance truly a strength?

Short answer: no: Longer answer: thinking that ignorance is strength will make you overconfident and disrespectful. Now I would love to say that this mentality affects mostly lower elo players, but actually it is common even in the pro scene.

Many pros underestimate the criticism from the coaches, the analysts and the stuff in general, because “they are not pro players after all”. According to our LoL elo boost team, this is the biggest difference between the korean infrastructures and the western organizations. In Korea, players see LoL as a true job and have an high consideration of their superiors, while in America and in Europe… if you read Link’s glorious “Manifesto” (and I know you did!), you know what I’m talking about.

Knowledge is strength, not ignorance. Analysts get paid for a good reason after all, and our extended duo queue boost service offers similar services for the same reason. Knowing the depths and the mechanics of LoL will increase your elo and make you a better, more confident player.

I’m Diamond/Challenger, I can’t be wrong.

This is a controversial point, and often you can see many guys bragging on Reddit about their rank: “As a diamond 1/challenger player with 300 wins on Riven, I can tell that…”. This is a flawed reasoning, and let me tell you why.

Having experience with a champion surely is important, and so having great micro mechanics and being able to pull off flashy combos flawlessly. However according to our LoL boost team your rank doesn’t mean everything: game knowledge, communication, shot calling, map awareness and knowledge of the macro” aspects of the game in general is also crucial. Many coaches or analysts get paid to provide information and coach LCS players, yet they are Gold or Platinum in solo queue. Having great mechanics doesn’t imply that you have a good game knowledge, and vice versa.

The most common mistake: “don’t tell me that, I know it”.

I’m gonna be honest here, when I was stuck in low diamond I used to say this very phrase often. It’s a common feeling, and I understand that. It’s a peculiar type of arrogance: you underestimate the advices of other players and overestimate your own knowledge, because you are already in high elo after all.

According to our elo boost team even pro players are pretty arrogant and often don’t give enough importance to their coaches. However already “knowing” a concept doesn’t necessarily means being able to apply it in game, maybe because of its complexity or even because it’s too simple, and you don’t even bother with it.

If everyone already knew these concepts, we would see them applied in every game, and this isn’t the case. So together with the rest of our lol boosting team I came to a conclusion: either many players have an actual knowledge of the subject, but can’t apply it in game; or that since the idea is simple, they didn’t even feel the need to think of it. In both cases, the arrogance and the ignorance are a weakness.

In conclusion, in our everyday life ignorance can benefit us, since it creates a “comfort zone” that allows us to live with serenity. But in both League and in real life, knowing that you are ignorant is a greater strengths, because it makes you able to improve and fix your issues, in game and in real.

Coaches, analysts and even content writers in general are here for this reason: they can reduce your ignorance improving your game knowledge. Don’t be arrogant, but have an open minded approach to every little advice that you receive. Our elo boosting team has a lot of experience and you can learn a lot just from reading guides and articles, as long as you don’t put limits to yourself.

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