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(League Boost | Silver 5 to Gold 5) on 27/03/2017
Pawel was awesome. He did the boost really quick.
(Placement Boost | 7 Games) on 25/03/2017
went 5-2 not too shabby
the guy who got carried by sean (League Boost | Bronze 2 to Gold 5) on 25/03/2017
Besides the pentas, double digit KDA's, and the short time in which the order was done, it was smooth, hardly any losses, and done professionally. Really funny and skilled booster :^)
datboi (League Boost | Bronze 3 to Silver 4) on 25/03/2017
At first I was skeptical, but I heard really good things about Boosting Factory and thought I'd give them a shot. After getting my order completed in less than 48 hours, I can say the service exceeded expectation. My booster, Sean, completed my order in a extremely rapid speed. I can definitely recommend this service to anyone looking for a quality elo boosting service.
kota (NET Wins Boost | 5 Wins) on 22/03/2017
By far the best booster I've ever worked with. Very nice, knowledgeable and easily capable of carrying losing games. Will always request Brenner!
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  • Because we listen to you! Complete and unconditioned anonymity is secured. Any requests that you make will be considered by us.
  • As soon as you pay our team of boosters will start your order.
  • All boosters use VPN for maximal security.
  • Apart from standard elo boost where we play your account, Duo Queue boost is possible where only you access your account.
  • Our service is available in North America, Europe West, Europe East&Nordic,Latin America, Russia, Turkey and Oceania!

Do you feel like you are really experiencing the infamous “Elo Hell”? Are you frustrated because you can’t win your silver promos, and with only a few weeks left you can’t get the season rewards? Look no further: our LoL boost team is here to solve your problems.

League of Legends is the most played MOBA across the world, and probably has the best competitive scene of all video games. LoL is surely fun, but can also put you in high stress situation: climbing is so hard because you don’t only need flawless mechanics, but also teamworking and great understanding of the game. Getting to high elo isn’t easy at all, and most of the playerbase can’t even reach Gold and the season rewards.

But if you really, really want those gold borders and the Victorious skin, you need to commit yourself to the game. Climbing the ladder is a real grind and requires a lot of time and dedication: even if you truly are good at the game and have a positive win ratio, getting elo is a slow process. If you maintain a 51% win ratio, it takes a lot of games to get 100 LP and reach your promo. And it’s not over yet: to reach the next division, you need to win a Best of three (meaning two games out of three), and to promote to the next tier a Best of Five (three games out of five).

If this grind doesn’t look appaling, or you simply can’t do it but still want the rewards, or if you are simply tired of losing, our LoL Boost service is the perfect solution to boost your elo. Our Booster Team is composed of dedicated players with incredible mechanics and an impressive knowledge of the game, and most of all, they have the time and the commitment to play as much as it’s needed. If you are a student with not enough time for LoL, or if you just prefer hanging out with your friends instead of trying to carry your team, our elo boost team will win games for you, or with you if you prefer our Duo Queue Boost.

We have professional booster across all the world: our service is available in EUW, NA and Asia, and across all the elo. We have many high diamonds player, many Master players and even a few Challengers! You can secure your Diamonds promo, or even get out of bronze to reach directly Gold elo and your desired rewards thanks to our LoL boosting team. If you feel like your team is too heavy to carry and want to play with team mates at your level, a Division boost will be perfect for you.

If you are interested in improving as well, we offer also a Coaching service to increase your game knowledge and finally understand your mistakes during the game. If you want the best of both worlds, try our Duo Queue Boosting service: play on your own account while duo queueing with our boosters, who will win games while observing your playstyle, giving you tips to improve as you gain LP together.

Our LoL boosts are totally safe and secure, and our first concern is transparency. That’s why we have built a members area for all you needs. You can just choose your desired boost type, checkout and sit in your chair watching your LP growing higher and higher. Of course you can check what’s going on at any time, and even chat in real time with our employees if you have concerns or questions.
It doesn’t matter what you play, what’s your division and how bad are your teammates: we will make you feel satisfied about our services. Try our elo boosts and see for yourself. Don’t waste more time in low elo, but get what you deserve. Nothing is too hard for our LoL boosting team, and our clients are the first priority.

Kind regards,
John – Boosting Factory CEO.