🏆 Premium LoL Duo Queue Per Game Boosting – 5v5 & 3v3 Solo, Flex 🏆



  • Duoqueue with our boosters
  • Voice communication
  • Ingame tips
  • Feedback on the specifics of the games when finished


  • Duoqueue with our boosters
  • Voice communication
  • Ingame tips
  • Feedback on the specifics of the games when finished
sMARTY123 (Extended DuoQueue Boost | Unranked 5 | 4 Games) on 17/10/2017
Filip was great!
John (Extended DuoQueue Boost | Gold 5 | 10 Games) on 13/07/2017
Best boost around
doc (Basic DuoQueue Boost | Silver 2 | 7 Games) on 19/04/2017
Games were incredibly smooth. I got paired with brenner. Hiss skills are unmatched and his rotations make it so easy for all lanes to get fed. will be back for sure ^^
doc (Basic DuoQueue Boost | Silver 1 | 6 Games) on 19/04/2017
pawel was awesome. always on time, always carried games
AgentDingo (Basic DuoQueue Boost | Bronze 2 | 15 Games) on 05/04/2017
Awesome stuff! quick, won loads of games!
sina (Basic DuoQueue Boost | Gold 5 | 5 Games) on 18/03/2017
He was quite skilled and tried to help as much as he could.
bwettims (Basic DuoQueue Boost | Silver 2 | 6 Games) on 24/02/2017
Amazing experience! Was assigned Vaizard as my DuoQ partner for 6 games and we won every single one of them! He was perfect at carrying (got an S every game) and was super nice to play with. Very friendly and a great team leader. Recommend him to all players that want a great experience!!
warrick (Basic DuoQueue Boost | Bronze 5 | 4 Games) on 14/02/2017
After trying about 3 different boosting sites, I finally decided to give Boosting Factory a try. I purchased the boost and within a few hours I had a booster assigned to me. I was assigned Twisty who is one of the best boosters I have ever played with. He was super polite and professional and kicked ass in the games we played. I am planning on purchasing more and will be requesting Twisty, I suggest you do too.
K2S (Basic DuoQueue Boost | Unranked 5 | 3 Games) on 14/01/2017
Really skillful dude, carrys like a boss
(Basic DuoQueue Boost | Platinum 5 | 10 Games) on 21/12/2016
honestly some games were because of trolls but the booster was ok
mastyz (Basic DuoQueue Boost | Silver 1 | 3 Games) on 04/11/2016
my player was really cool, games went well, would recommend him
Glade (Basic DuoQueue Boost | Silver 1 | 15 Games) on 06/06/2016
14/15 won, tyyy
xBoy (Basic DuoQueue Boost | Gold 5 | 2 Games) on 06/05/2016
pretty nice guy overall, will buy more l8r (:
McClure (Basic DuoQueue Boost | Silver 3 | 4 Games) on 06/05/2016
Sick booster lol
Jonas (Extended DuoQueue Boost | Silver 3 | 1 Games) on 04/05/2016
Booster was very helpful, great great
Jackson (Basic DuoQueue Boost | Silver 4 | 15 Games) on 04/05/2016
Won 13/15! 5/5 stars
MissX (Basic DuoQueue Boost | Silver 1 | 6 Games) on 04/05/2016
Awesome as usual, cya later :p

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