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Towers Of Doom – Guide – Tips & Tricks

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  • 26/11/2015

towers of doom guide
The new battleground was just introduced and our Heroes of the Storm boost team already has a short guide for you to maximise your winrate. You will surely see a couple of heroes from our HotS Tier List that are also very strong here. We also wonder how will next hero Lunara perform on this map.

Towers of Doom Overview

– 3 Lanes.
– 4 Altars that you channel to cap, similar to Arathi Basin in WoW.
– 3 Forts that are capturable, not destroyable, you literally retake their fort.
– 1 Core that you cannot attack directly, only via objectives. It has 40 hit points.
– 1 Boss (Headless Horseman)
– 3 Mercenary camps (Sappers)
– 1 Teleporter

The battleground works in a fashion that there are two objectives which you win the game with. Retaking forts, and capturing altars. Which then translates into two strategies our HotS boost team will talk about later.


Like we said, there are 4 possible spawn points for altars, similar to shrines in Infernal Shrines. 3 shrines will open 1st and 5th spawn, while all other are 1 or 2. In order to capture it, you need to uninterrupted channel it for around 5 seconds. After you do, all the forts you currently posses + your core will fire a blast onto enemy core, meaning if you have 3 forts + core, you will fire 4 damage to the core, reducing it to 36 from 40.


Forts are the same like in other maps, just in this map, after you ‘destroy’ the fort, you will recapture it, not destroy it, adding up the ammo for your successful altar captures.

Mercenaries,Boss, Teleporter

The map consists of 3 merc camps and 1 boss camp, the mercs are called Sappers and they’re little mercs in group of 3 that deal aoe dmg, but their real power is the strong building damage and direct core damage if they get past the forts to the enemy killzone (area infront of core that deals a lot of damage). Each sapper is 1 damage to the core.

Boss is the Headless Horseman and after you defeat him, he will fire 4 damage to the core.

The teleporter opens up at around 12 minute mark and it goes from your base to the middle of the map, it’s only one way from the base to the middle, and both teams share the exit point, meaning that you need to be careful when using it.


Split Pushing and stalling altars.
This strategy pretty much requires strong splitpushing heroes such as Murky, Sylvanas, Azmodan, Zagara, Gazlowe. The goal is to split push one of the lanes and try to capture a fort, while your team stalls the altar as long as possible, you are supposed to capture Sappers because they deal decent damage to the forts, and even core hits if you control the fort in the sapper lane. This strategy might result in even higher XP lead but you need to be careful because your team cannot recklessly die at the altars and your composition needs to be fit for stalling, aka sustaining.

Early Ganking
You may have noticed that the lanes on this map are very close, which is extremely good for ganking heroes, ganking early has been buffed in the recent Cho’Gall patch (scaling changes post) with more strength in early game for all heroes, and longer death timers in the early game. Such heroes would be Nova, Tyrande, Thrall, Muradin, Butcher.

Sustaining Team Fight Composition
In this safest strategy, you focus your whole team on capturing that altar, our HotS boost team suggests this strategy for most teams. Like we said, in order to capture altars you need zone control, meaning you should pick heroes like Kael’Thas, Jaina, Zagara, Leoric, Diablo, Johanna, Tyrael. A two tank or two support composition is advised, maybe even a two support two tank composition with each tank and support being an off one. Such as Tyrande, Tyrael, Leoric, Diablo and so on.
Sustain is very important on this map too because altar fights might take a while so healers like Kharazim and Malfurion are decent, and self-sustaining heroes like Leoric (even reviving himself) and Diablo with proper talents too.
An example composition would be: Kael’Thas, Leoric, Tyrael, Kharazim, RaynorFeaturing 2 ranged carries, 2 tanks and 1 sustaining healer. Our HotS boost team notes that this is just an example and it can be changed in a different million ways. Also, note how some heroes like Butcher and Nova are viable in this map, while not being positioned high in our Heroes of the Storm Tier List.

Strong Picks (May be different in new patches)



The Lost Vikings

towers of doom guide boss

Tips & Tricks

– Capturing all 6 forts will result in your core shooting at the enemy core sustained. 1 damage every 3 seconds or so and resulting in 40 damage within 2:25 minutes.
– You cannot fix your core or shield it, so Tassadar is out. MULE too.
– After you capture an altar you do not get any XP, so sometimes going for splitpushing strategy is worthwhile to gain XP advantage and sacrifice some core damage.
– Sappers deal 1 damage each to core if you escort them safely to the killzone.
– Do not throw games on boss fights, it’s “ONLY” 4 damage and not a lane push like other bosses, so throwing a game on a boss is not worth.
– Capturing the forts gives XP, so a lot of XP being thrown around with recaptures.
– If you go for the fort first and destroy it, all other buildings around it will be destroyed too, but will not give XP, up to you.
– After you capture a keep it takes some time to respawn, don’t stand there and wait like a dummy.
– At 12 minute mark, a teleporter opens from your base to the middle, and it shares an exit point with enemies, be careful of ambushes and Abathur mines.

Our HotS boosting team hopes you enjoyed this guide, like us on Facebook to get more guides and news to your feed instantly, we will also release some new hero Lunara info soon.

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