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Top 6 Tips To Dominate As Tyrael

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  • 17/05/2016

top 6 tips to master tyrael

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today, our HotS boosting team will be discussing the best ways to play Master Tyrael in duo queue, or any queue for that matter. So, Tyrael is a really rare sight on the battlefield and it turns out that he only appears in around ten percent of total games. Teams with Tyrael also have one of the worst win rates for including a certain individual character. However, the main reason for this statistic is simply that players do not know the proper strategies to use while playing Tyrael. In higher competitive play, Tyrael is extremely popular and can do wonders for a team. Players with more game IQ tend to play Tyrael the correct way, actually making him a very powerful force. To master Tyrael, a player must understand his abilities as well as tactics. With these tips from our HotS boosting team, you can learn how to master this tricky hero.

Never Waste El’Druin Solely for Damage

Tyrael is commonly misunderstood as a bruiser hero-type in the game. He’s really not a beefy character, and needs to be used as a utility-type. It’s other characters’ job to output damage. From this false mindset, El’Druin’s Might is often used to deal damage against minion waves or high health opponents. You should only use this ability if it’s for a secure kill against an enemy. In this case, don’t hold back since there isn’t much to lose by attacking. Otherwise, save it for utility purposes like juking, teleporting, or crowd controlling with the slow feature. Also, you can screw up players with the Holy Ground talent. During a Heroes of the Storm boost session, I showed our client how Holy Ground can help my team win.

Don’t Only Initiate with Judgement

The Judgement ability is often solely used as a form of initiate, rather than an ability interrupter too. Judgement should be used for both purposes, as it can easily cancel enemy heroic abilities to change the tempo of a teamfight or even an overall game. The top ultimate abilities should never go through against a Tyrael, simply since they can be prevented. From our Heroes of the Storm tier list, learn which heroics are strongest and need to be stopped with Judgement by Tyrael.

tyrael judgement

Mess with Movement Speed

Tyrael has many passives that disrupt his enemies. Rather than direct stuns, Tyrael can slightly change movement speeds. When peeling, be sure to keep an eye on cooldowns. In a HotS duo boost, I forgot to watch my abilities and couldn’t help my teammate in a crucial situation due to a cooldown. Giving a speed boost to teammates or a speed reduction to enemies can mean the difference between a kill or a death. Even though the movement speed change can be extremely small, around a quarter of the total, it can easily form a gap between two heroes. This skill can be used either offensively or defensively, so keep it ready at all times for key moments in the match. Many teammates or even enemies may not notice your efforts, but keep helping out anyway. Communicate with your team, and higher ranking players will be more aware of Tyrael’s abilities.

Sanctification Requires Patience

Sanctification is an amazing heroic that needs to be used properly in order to not be wasted. Many factors must be recognized before performing it, and the cooldown is long enough for it to be valuable. While performing a HotS duo boost, I was able to identify the key factors that need to be examined. You first need to consider if the enemy team is going to exit the fight or if your team is planning to disengage. Also, be sure you have enough health and proper positioning to cast the ability without getting killed. Asking these key questions will improve your timing when using Sanctification, especially in duo queue.

tyrael sanctification

Minions Can Take Righteousness

The Righteousness ability can be used to disrupt minion CSing by the opposing team. It can hurt Azmodan since he uses minion kills to build up his stacks. Also, it can save waves from giving experience, and mess up enemy timing. No wonder Azmodan doesn’t rank as high on our Heroes of the Storm tier list:)

Use the Knockback on Judgement

Judgement can obviously stun enemies, but it can also knock them back. This feature is key to any fight and should never be forgotten. Enemies will be knocked back very far distances from this skill and can either isolate the opponent or bring fleeing opponents back into the fray. Try to aim for opponents that are farther away, rather than the weakest one. This way, you maximize the distance on the knockback, and can get kills on both the stronger and weaker enemies in the same period.

Overall, Tyrael is a complex character that takes many sessions to learn. For this reason, he is uncommon in lower level matches and a powerful tool in top competitions. As I mentioned earlier, he deservingly ranks extremely high on our competitive HotS tier list. All teams can greatly benefit from a well played Tyrael, so don’t be afraid to practice playing him. Follow these tips from our Heroes of the Storm boost team, and you’ll be a Tyrael pro in no time.

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