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TL;DR Patch Notes + Commentary – Cho’Gall Patch

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  • 18/11/2015

hots patch notes cho'gall
As usual, our Heroes of the Storm boost team brings you a shortened version of the patch notes containing only valuable easily understandable information, we will ofcourse update our Heroes of the Storm Tier List in the next couple of days to reflect the changes, we already explained the big scaling changes that come with this patch here.

New Hero – Cho’Gall

– The two headed ogre is here and he requires two people to play him.
You can get Cho’Gall in following ways only (You can’t buy him with money or gold):
– You went to Blizzcon 2015 or had a virtual ticket for it.
– Win 2 games while playing one of the heads with the player who has Cho’Gall.
– Another special quest is that if you play one of the heads partied with people who do not have Cho’Gall, you will earn 2,200Gold.

New Battleground – Towers Of Doom

– The new battleground IS NOT ready yet.

General Changes

– New mount Felstalker – Get it by pre-purchasing WoW:Legion
hots felstalker
– Jaina’s price reduced to 4,000G and $6.49.
Duo Queue Boost service will now be easier because partied members will always pick at the same time now.
Kill/Death/Assist added to scoreboard when you press TAB.
hots scoreboard kda
– Minimap will show when someone is Hearthstoning and the chat message will pop up too.
Haunted Mines removed from rotation until further notice.
Gathering Power now stacks up 2% per kill up to 30%, but you lose ALL stacks on death. Meaning that if you’re able not to die it’s a buff, but if you die often it’s a nerf.
– Fixed an issue which could cause a team with no Support Heroes to be matched against a team with Support Heroes in the Quick Match queue.


– Conjurer’s Pursuit (Talent) removed
– Gathering Power (Talent) removed
– Power Throw (Talent) moved from Level 1 to Level 4
New Talent (Level 1): Gathering Storm: Permanently increases Hammerang’s damage by 1 every time it damages an enemy Hero
Flow Rider (Talent)
– No longer decreases Barrel Roll’s cooldown
– Now causes Basic Abilities to recharge 100% faster while the Tailwind trait is active

Our Heroes of the Storm boost team believes Falstad got a little buffed because now he can pick decent talents at both level 1 and 4.


Deep Chill talent that many players pick at level 1 now slows 30%, from 35%.

A little nerf, we don’t think this will stop it from being picked.


Focused Attack (Talent) removed
New Talent (Level 4): Master Warp-Blade:Every 3rd consecutive Basic Attack against the same Hero deals 100% bonus damage

This is a nerf because Zeratul’s goal isn’t really to stay long enough to do 3 basic attacks.


Insight (Trait)
Mana regeneration granted on every third hit increased from 12 (+0.21 per level) to 14 (+0.36 per level)
Iron Fists (Trait)
Damage bonus granted on every third hit increased from 100% to 125%

Our HotS Boost team doesn’t believe this is enough to make you choose something else than Transcendence at level 1, possibly Iron Fists.


Eternal Devotion (Trait)
Spirit form duration decreased from 10 to 8 seconds
Divine Shield (R)
Cooldown increased from 70 to 90 seconds

Obvious nerfs to Uther.


Drain Hope (W)
-Cooldown decreased from 12 to 11 seconds
-If Leoric is stunned while casting Drain Hope, the stun will no longer cancel the Ability and the missile will continue to travel
-Damage dealt and Health gained reduced from 25% to 20%
-Damage and Healing no longer gradually increase over the Ability’s duration, but instead does a consistent amount of damage and healing with each tick.

This is a double edged sword, if you’re able to fully cast the W, it’s a nerf, but against teams with stuns and escapes it’s a buff because you will do more damage than before up until the moment they interrupt you, also a little buff that will allow you to cast it even if interrupted mid cast, that was annoying.

Check back in a few days to see our Heroes of the Storm Tier List updated accordingly.

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