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Season 2 Changes Explained | Start & End Date | Rewards

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  • 10/09/2016

hots season 2 rewards

Hey lads, out Heroes of the Storm boosting team has fresh info for you regarding HotS Season 2 as Season 1 is ending quite soon. If you’re looking for a smurf account to start Season 2 fresh, check our HotS accounts. Let’s dig in.

Season 2 Start & End Date

– Heroes of the Storm’s Season 2 will start on September 12/13th and end on December 14/15th. Exactly 3 months length.

Grandmaster League Changes

– Blizzard devs thought that the 500 player limit was starting to feel a little too big so they’ve decided to cut it to 200.Team League remains at 100. This will make GM rank much much more meaningful.

Promotion And Demotion Games

– No more flat 250 points when you enter a new division, or 750 points when you demote a division, instead, promotion and demotion games will now award you or take away your standard win / loss amount of points per game.
– When you win a promotion match you will actually get your standard amount per win (in the next division) + the amount you “stored” when entering the promotion match. Meaning if you win 200 per match, and you had 900 before promos, after you win your promos you will start with 300. 200 for standard win + 100 you saved when going promos from 900 (900+200 = 1100 = 100 stored.)
Demotion matches do not store points meaning you will lose the usual amount. 1000 – what you usually lose = starting point in your demoted division.

Season 2 Rewards

Hero League Portraits
hots season 2 rewards hero league portraits

Team League Portraits
hots season 2 rewards team league portraits

hots season 2 rewards mounts
hots season 2 rewards

Ofcourse check back for further info, feel free to browse through our blog for guides such as our Alarak Guide, Braxis Holdout Guide and our regularly updated HotS Tier List.

Thank you for reading our guide. Let us know if you disagree with anything or an update is needed! :)

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