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Season 1 End Date, Season 2 Start Date & Rewards Confirmed!

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  • 14/06/2016


hots season 1 and 2 rewards

In case you’ve been wondering, our HotS boost team has got their hands on the news about the Heroes of the Storm Season 1 End Date and the rewards coming with it. In order to maximize your winrate throughout the Season 1, make sure to check out HotS Tier List for the advice on the top heroes at the given moment.

When Does Heroes of the Storm Season 1 End?

The first season of Heroes of the Storm will last about 3 months and end on week of September 13th, 2016 (Tuesday / Wednesday).

When Does HotS Season 2 Start?

Unlike League of Legends, the seasons in HotS start immediately upon the last one’s finish. Heroes of the Storm Season 2 starts on week of September 13th, 2016 (Tuesday / Wednesday).

Season 1 Rewards

Hero League Portraits
season 1 hero league portraits
Team League Portraits
season 1 team league portraits
Elemental Lizard Mount
season 1 elemental lizard mount
hots season 1 rewards

We hope you enjoyed the preview. In case your account is muted for the larger part of the Season 1, feel free to visit our HotS Account shop and get yourself a new ranked ready smurf!

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