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New Report Options

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  • 08/09/2015

HotS patch
With the next patch, Blizzard is reworking the reports once again and adding up a new way of punishing toxic players.

New Report Features and How To Use Them

Abusive Chat
– Insults, general flaming
– Hate or Racial speech
– RL threats

Intentionally Feeding (Don’t worry Murky players if you get reported for this they will take it in consideration!)
– Players who literally run into enemies just to die

AFK (Same goes for Abathur players, no worries!)
– Players who are literally AFK
– Players who are in the game but don’t want to play

Cheating / Hacking
– People who use scripts, bots or anything suspicious. Don’t report our Heroes of the Storm Boost employees for this please. 😉

Inappropriate Names
– Names that are insultive and so on…

– I don’t need to explain this one do I?

The Silence Punishment
If you get reported many times for Abusive chat or Spam, you will be punished by silence.

– Speak in allied chat
– Speak in Hero Draft
– Chat in General channel
– Whisper people that you don’t have as friends

– Use Party Chat
– Use pings

First time Silence is 24 hours long. Every consecutive silence is DOUBLED and there is no maximum!

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