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New Patch Scaling Changes – Why Are They So Important?

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  • 16/11/2015

hots patch notes
These changes are supposed to go live on 24th November, we don’t think there’s an official announcement yet but it is pretty confirmed. These changes will not be noticeable to an average player, we believe they might push the roaming/early game heroes a little higher on our HotS tier list but they are pretty huge, our Heroes of the Storm boost team will explain below…

A Talent Advantage

There’s 2 kinds of advantages in Heroes of the Storm, the talent one, and the stats one. As we all know, you get new talents every couple of levels (1,4,7,10,13,16,20), these buffs to your heroes are very strong and usually when an enemy team is a talent ahead (for instance lvl 12 vs lvl 13) it’s a bad idea to fight. It’s better to fight lvl 13 vs lvl 15 than lvl 12 vs lvl 13, purely because the enemy team has 1 more talent than you do.

Stats Advantage

Every hero has stats, you can press “C” in the game to see your hero’s stats. All heroes get a fixed number of HP and Damage when they level up. For instance, having 1000 HP at level 1, and gaining 200 HP per level will get you 1200 on lvl 2 and 1400 on lvl 3, you get the drill. You do realise that having only one level advantage is pretty strong as everyone in your team has a lot more HP and damage. And the thing is, because it is fixed, it means that early levels are the most crucial, for instance getting 200 HP at level 20 is no big deal, but 200 HP at lvl 2 is a big deal!.

– ETC’s HP grows 4.3% when leveling from 20 to 21, but it grows 23.8% when going from level 1 to 2.
– Thrall’s auto attack damage grows 4.5% from 20 to 21 but 31% from level 1 to level 2.
Do you see now how much of a difference it means on lower levels and on higher ones? This basically means that a level 3 team will rarely lose to a level 2 team, but level 21 can easily lose to a level 20, it means much less on the higher levels.

How Will Scaling Change

New scaling will make every level increase your hero’s power by 4% (fixed), level 1 to level 2 and level 20 to 21 will be the same spike in your hero’s power, unlike before when early game level ups were the most influential.

Death Timers

Blizzard mentioned that the death timers will also be increased at level 1-10, meaning that dying early will be worse for your team than it was before, you will lose more lane experience and so on…

Non-Hero Changes

Our HotS boost team presumes there will be side-effects. Unless minions get changed too, this means that the strength ratio hero-minion is changed, also towers will hit heroes weaker so we can expect some more dives.

What Do These Changes Mean To Me?

Result of everything we explained above means the following:
– Ganking squishies in the early game will be easier, and more rewarding because of the longer death timers.
– More early game action.
– All heroes will now be stronger early game and the power spikes that happened at certain levels will now be less of power spikes and more linear, meaning your Kael’Thas will be stronger early but at level 13 he will not become super strong, just a little stronger.

These changes will be huge and our Heroes of the Storm boost team cannot know the magnitude of them yet, we will need to test. We advise to check out Gazlowe, Hammer and Thrall after the patch as they might become stronger, Zeratul & Nova aswell. We will ofcourse update our Heroes of the Storm Tier List accordingly and post the TL;DR version of the Patch Notes for easier understanding, follow us on Facebook to get your news instantly.

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