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New HotS Heroes – Li-Ming & Xul

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  • 21/01/2016

li-ming xul hots
Hey lads, our Heroes of the Storm boost team finally got our hands on some real info about the new heroes, they’re both from the Diablo franchise, with Xul being from Diablo 2!

Li-Ming, Wizard

Critical Mass (Trait) – When you participate in a hero kill or assist, it refreshes the cooldown on all your abilities.
Magic Missiles (Q) – Skillshot that does 3 missiles to a target point, but they come from sides not front like a conventional frontal skillshot, something like Arcane Missiles from WoW?
Arcane Orb (W) – Medium speed projectile with very long range that deals more damage the further enemies are.
Teleport (E) – Blink just like Bolt of The Storm but much lower cooldown.
Disintegrate (R1) – You channel a wave of energy, like Diablo’s breath.
Wave of Force (R2) – You’re able to detonate a long range kinetic bomb that knocks enemies away from it’s center, good for interrupts.

Additional Information

Release date: Released
– Blizzard wanted her to be a high skillcap hero.
– Most abilities are skillshots.
– All abilities already have a low cooldown.
– Might be mana hungry.
– There’s a safe Magic Missile build path.
– More rewarding but harder to play Arcane Orb build.
– And most aggressive Teleport build.
li-ming hots

Xul, the Necromancer

Skeleton Raise (Trait): Activate to raise 4 skeletons from dead minions for 4 seconds.
Spectral Reaper (Q): Reverse skillshot, he throws a scythe to a target location and pulls it back towards him dealing damage.
Cursed Strike (W): Buff his auto attacks that they deal AoE damage and slow enemy attack speed by 50%.
Bone Prison (E): Not a skillshot, you target someone, he gets a warning that in 2 seconds he will become rooted in a Bone Prison so he has time to move and decide where he will be rooted.
Bone Armor (Key 1): 25% max health shield that lasts 3 seconds.
Poison Nova (R1): Big explosion that deals damage to enemies hit, great if you catch many people in it.
Skeleton Mages(R2): Similar to Tassadar wall, create a line of mages that slow anyone they hit and don’t allow passage.

Additional Information

– Based from Diablo 2 exclusively.
– Melee Specialist
– Not a combo character like Kerrigan or Jaina
– You can make a skeleton build to make him a split pusher.
– Cursed Strike build that allows you to debuff enemies harder and reduce healing.
xul hots

I must say the heroes look amazing on paper, I wonder will they be a stronger release than last couple of heroes that ranked bad in our Heroes of the Storm tier list. Our Heroes of the Storm boost team will keep this post updated with new info as soon as we gather any, so check back!

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