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Nazeebo – 8 Tips To Zombie Wall Like A Pro

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  • 15/11/2015

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Our boosters told us that during their HotS Duo Queue services they observed many Nazeebo players arent utilizing Nazeebo’s Zombie Wall without great results. According to our Heroes of the Storm boost team this is a crucial ability to master, and a huge part of Nazeebo’s kit.
For these reasons, we wrote a guide to help you making the most out of this ability that makes Nazeebo so dominant in the HotS tier list.

The Zombie Wall

This ability is incredibly powerful in the early game because it creates a physical wall that can separate enemies from their allies and is a powerful zone control tool. Right now, the other abilities with the same effect are heroics. Only Nazeebo has access to such a great utility in the early game, and this makes Nazeebo a very valuable pick according to the HotS tier list.
However this great tool still provides room for counterplay. First of all, it’s incredibly telegraphed: it has a delay and the zombie direction is shown during the cast: if your enemies aren’t tabbed out, it’s easy to dodge it.
Second, zombies are squishy and can be killed quickly. Remember that this wall may also cause harm to your allies, since it blocks the path for both friendly and unfriendly heroes: use it wisely, unless you really want to kill your HotS Duo Queue partner.
These three factors make Zombie Wall a high risk, high reward skillshot, and it’s easy to see why many players struggle with it. To improve your chances of hitting it, let’s start with some general tips that can be referred to any skillshot before those that refer only to this wall.

Anticipate your enemies movements

As we already said, Zombie Wall can be easily dodged because it has a small delay during the cast time. This means that especially during chases you will need to predict where your enemies are going to be in a few seconds: surprise them with the spell instead of letting them walk away!

Try to think about the enemy’s mobility spells

The most frustrating experience of Nazeebo players is placing the perfect wall just to see the enemy jump away thanks to a blink-like spell. Same story for heroes that ignore unit collision or heroes with knock away spells. Choose your target wisely, try to anticipate their spell or just wait until they have it on cool down!

Deactivate your wall if it’s poorly placed

As we said before, your wall will affect your allies as well, so sometimes it will do more harm than good. In this scenarios, press E again and the wall will disappear almost instantly, containing the damage and potentially saving your allies. Many new Nazeebo players don’t know about this mechanic, and it’s partially Blizzard’s fault since it’s not mentioned in the spell description. However our HotS Boost Team got you covered!

A good wall doesn’t need to trap enemies

There are many ways to use the wall: the most common is to trap enemies, however there are way more uses of this spell! Zombies are a physical obstacle, so they can be used to cut off the path for your enemies or event to deny the passage inside the gate. Even a “missed” wall can be fatal to the enemies, just in a different manner.
hots nazeebo zombie wall

Alt W is your friend

Alt W is the key bind to self cast the Zombie Wall: in general, pressing alt while casting a targeted spell will cast it on your champion.
This keybind is great for the wall: if you are being chased, just press Alt W and your enemies will find themselves right in the middle of the zombies because of the delay. This serves also as a “panic button” if you are in a high stress situation and don’t have time to place your wall carefully.
The self cast is also great to create a “zombie shield” to protect yourself when channeling Ravenous Spirit.

Use your zombies to tank towers

Zombies can take tower aggro, so sometimes it’s worth to sacrifice them to make your minion wave survive, or to avoid tanking a turret yourself! Remember that towers will prioritize your zombies over heroes, so take advantage of this neat mechanic.

Combo your wall with other abilities

Nazeebo’s wall has a ridiculous synergy with many other ability. Chaining this spell with friendly displacement ability can disrupt the enemy team exposing their back line, and it’s also good to use it right after a stun to guarantee the hit.
The wall is great in combination with a few specific abilities: for example Johanna, one of the best tank according to our Heroes of the Storm tier list, can benefit greatly from a wall in combination with Condemn to catch an enemy before he escapes. Diablo and Raynor can also use their displacement spells to send enemies inside the wall: however they can also have the opposite effect saving a trapped enemies.

Don’t use the wall randomly: sometimes it’s better not to use it

Many players just randomly throw their skillshots during the fights without thinking at the enemies cool down, the positioning of their allies, the hp bars and so on. Well, we are confident that you guys are better and don’t do the same mistakes, but we will talk about it anyway. The Zombie Wall has a fixed delay after the cast, so the position of all heroes may change during that time: try to anticipate how the fight will go so you don’t harm your allies.
However in fast and messy team fights is almost impossible to predict what will happen in two seconds, so it’s a good idea to use it only at the start of the fight, for example to trap an enemy out of position, or at the very end, to stop a fleeing enemy from retreating.

Zombie Wall is a powerful ability, but is really hard to use properly maximizing its potential: this guide will surely help you making the most out of it. Don’t forget to check our site in the next days for more guides from our HotS boost team, news about the HotS next heroes announced at Blizzcon and updates on the Heroes of the Storm tier list.

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