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Lt. Morales, the Medic – Abilities Revealed!

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  • 25/09/2015

Lt. Morales
The next hero being released in Heroes of the Storm‘s Nexus is Lt. Morales, the Medic from Starcraft, we’ve shown you her screenshots and skin variations and now it’s time for abilities with comments from our Heroes of the Storm Boost team

Lt. Morales, the Medic – Abilities

Basic Abilities

Healing Beam (Q): Heal one ally every 0.5 seconds as long as they’re in range. Using Q allows you to reselect the target, or you can cancel the channeling by using your trait. There is no cooldown on this ability. – Seems like a great basic healing ability, natural healer.

Safeguard (W): Reduce the damage the targeted ally takes for three seconds. – Another superb ability but we still do not know how much so we won’t comment.

Displacement Grenade (E): Throw out a grenade that explodes as soon as it comes into contact with an enemy, dealing damage and knocking nearby enemies back. – Peeling ability, maybe it will bounce off the floor/roll on the floor and not like Tychus’.

Heroic Abilities

Medivac Dropship (R): Select a spot to travel to, causing you to enter a dropship. Teammates can then join you, and after four seconds, you’ll travel to the chosen area. –
Very controversial ability, will be extremely overpowered in coordinated teams and not so useful in solo queue we reckon.

Stim Drone (R): Select an ally to receive a 75 percent increase in attack speed and 25 percent additional movement speed for ten seconds. – I don’t think this Heroic will be used much due to the Medivac but still imagine the Synergy with Raynor / Illidan.


Caduceus Reactor: After going four seconds without taking damage, regenerate 3 percent of your max health every second. – Excellent passive trait.

Seems like Lt. Morales won’t be a high skill cap hero, you will need to press around a lot, like reselecting Q often, using your Safeguard on people all the time and peeling with your E. This will require you to stay focused but nothing really crucial, stay on range and do your job. Only your Heroic will require some thinking and using it properly on time.

We’re looking forward to Artanis aswell.

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