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How to Keep Improving as a Player

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  • 24/05/2016

keep improving hots

Hey guys, today our HotS boosting team will be discussing five ways in which you can become a better player. Performing a Heroes of the Storm boost is never easy, but our professional players have practiced these following tips in order to breeze through matches with ease. Many players have been stuck in their current ranks for a while now, since there hasn’t been a rank reset yet. Without season wipes, players have trouble getting out of a stagnant position in the leaderboards. Those who have reached the highest rank are the most unmotivated to improve. Soon, however, there will be a new top rank added to the game to increase competitiveness and ranks will be reset. When this happens, we will be sure to have a brand new HotS tier list too. Be prepared to have to fight your way up the ladder in the near future. Playing the same way you are now will not be enough to pass up others. Attempting new strategies and playing more often will really help you improve as a player. Here are some of those strategies from the HotS boosting team.

Judge Your Playstyle

Put yourself in the mindset that you are worse than your maximum potential. Although you may be better than some or most of the players around you, there is always room for improvement. Always be critical of yourself while playing in order to notice ways to improve and make adjustments accordingly. In a Heroes of the Storm boost, I’m constantly judging myself for the next game. You may initially think this is a pessimistic point of view, but it is really not. Being hard on yourself will be very beneficial. Some mistakes are more picky than others, but adopting a critical mindset will let you erase them. Analyze all aspects of your game, even situations that can go two ways.

Watch Other Players

Even though practicing the game directly is always helpful and engaging, watching other players in action is just as rewarding. Observing bad players is also surprisingly helpful because they can show you what not to do. Obviously looking at how the pros play will give you ideas on how you can improve your own game. Also, different players use different heroes on the HotS tier list. Watching different team comps, which players go together, or which are the most common is extremely valuable. Most players only think about how to improve while they are playing. Picking the brains of the community as a whole will open your mind to new strategies and tips. This also includes having conversations with other players and even reading articles such as this one. By reading this article, you are already improving as a player, creepy huh? Find some time to absorb the knowledge from the Heroes of the Storm community. It will help you so much in the long-run. I always watch my friends who HotS duo boost when I have some extra time in order to see how the pros play.

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Watch Your Replays

Watch tapes of your previous matches like professional sports players. When in a duo queue game, it is difficult to completely analyze everything around you due to adrenaline and confusion. If you take a step back to watch a replay, everything slows down and observing all aspects of the game is significantly easier. Don’t re-watch every game you play, as this will take too much time. Try to watch games where you made mistakes or lost when you felt you should have one. In these, you probably made mistakes and can try to identify them in order to prevent them from reoccurring in the future. Look for the little mistakes too, since everything counts and sometimes the best players only make small errors. Keep an eye on positioning, decisions, and skill usage. Question your past self and be as judgemental as possible to gain something from the experience. Take this newfound intelligence into your next game, and keep repeating the cycle. You’ll gradually get better and find yourself less and less choppy while playing and watching.

Try Mode Can Do Wonders

In order to become the best you can possibly be, player mechanics must be improved. Head into Try Mode and practice as many heroes as you can. Practice their unique abilities and attempt to create combos on the field. Create a routine for yourself so performing well in the actual game is second nature. Once your playstyle becomes automatic, you can focus on other aspects of your game. Some things you can practice are skill-shotting, specific item builds, or jungling. Certain heroes are harder to master on the Heroes of the Storm tier list, and need to be practiced more often in Try Mode.

Play as Much as Possible!

The primary key to success is to simply play more. Actual games are the best way to improve quickly, since they don’t give you any breaks. You have to play seriously the whole way through and punishment is inevitable. Dedication is required to become better, as with all ventures. Manage your time in order to fit more games into your schedule. Also, don’t let a losing streak keep you from playing more. Something like losing should be taken as a positive since you can learn from it. Stay happy, and always play for fun. If you’re not having some fun, then you won’t get better.

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Heroes of the Storm is a difficult game that takes a certain attitude and schedule to become the best. It’s complex, and needs to be analyzed from many different angles. The best players are never content with their ranking or level of success. If you want to improve, try out all of these tips consistently. Be sure to check out our Heroes of the Storm tier list for more specific information on heroes that you should practice in order to be the best.

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