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HotS – Tips For Objectives On Every Map

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  • 06/11/2015

hots objectives
Hey there boys and girls! Our Heroes of the Storm boost team released the second part of the guide about objective control: to increase your chances of winning it’s not only important to play the best heroes according to the HotS tier list, but also to play smartly around objectives. Our previous post focused on objective control in general, now we are giving you some small tips about each map.

Battlefield of Eternity

During the immortal fights it’s crucial to be at high HP and mana, so sometimes it’s better to tap a heal or recall instead of overstaying. Play safe!
The fights around the Immortal are usually pretty long, so capping mercs right before them can give you a great pushing advantage: mercs will create havoc while the enemy team is busy fighting.
Sometimes you can decide to split push in the lane opposite to the immortal, to force the enemy into a lose lose situation.

Sky Temple

Let the enemies start the temple before poking them down and engaging: they will take some damage from the minions making the fight easier for your team.
During our HotS Duo Queue Boost service, our boosters observed that many players overstay at a temple that is already capped. As soon as a temple reach the last four green ticks of the bar, the job is done: you are free to go.

Infernal Shrines

Shrine minions can be overwhelming: you can’t really ignore the enemy team while focusing on them. It’s better to fight the enemy heroes and then focus on minions. If you have some good AoE skill (hello Kael’thas), that works fine too: heroes with good AoE damage are placed really high on the HotS tier list of Infernal Shrines for a good reason.
The quickest way to burst a punisher is to bait him between both your fort towers: he can’t really tank them for a long time, so just let him jump on you close to the fort BEHIND the wall.

Cursed Hollow

Don’t get a boss right after activating the curse: it’s not time efficient because you waste a lot of the buff nuking the boss and waiting for him to get to a building.
The best way to go is usually to push normally using your own minion waves and mercs.
Tribute spawn only in a few determined spots. If you have enough experience on this map understanding where they can spawn will be easy for you.

Dragon Shire

Dragon Shire is my favourite map because you can make some pretty cool plays if you are able to rotate properly. Call for ganks, push lanes and pressure the shrines with your team to secure the victory.
The dragon knight is important, but always think at what else you could do instead. If you can secure one temple and get another advantage elsewhere, go for it.
Maximize the damage per second potential of the Dragon Knight: don’t let him tank the fort and keeps but let your minions wave do it, so our friend will auto attack at full speed.

Blackheart’s Bay

It’s not really worth to fight early for vision here: the first big fight will be at the first chest around 50 seconds after the game start. Remember to use the healing well before the fight begins to get an advantage!
Cannonballs damage is really, really high, so pay attention and judge properly if you should attack their target or something else: switching target wisely will save you many shots in the long run
Always keep in mind how many coins the enemies have so you can anticipate their turn in.

Tomb of the Spider Queen

You don’t need a sieging comp to dominate this map: dead heroes drop gems as well, so focusing on ganks early game will give you a great advantage. Check our Heroes of the Storm tier list to see who the best ganking heroes are!
Do not turn in immediately, but wait for a good moment. If you are being pushed in, just clear a few ways so the webweavers will spawn closer to the enemy base and won’t need a lot of time to get in action.
As we already said, dead heroes drop gems: this rule applies also to your dead allies! Remember to always pick up their gems, as they can make the difference in a close game

Haunted Mines

In this map the bruiser camp sucks. Period. Don’t take unless you have literally nothing better to do.
Defending the first few golems is really important, so it’s a good idea to sacrifice your siege giants for it. Remember to take the camp at the right time to manipulate their position
In the mines focus the two groups on the left side in the middle, because they offer the highest amount of skulls among the small groups. It’s not worth to waste time in the top or bot groups, just go for the middle as long as you are safe from the enemies.
Remember that golems won’t spawn unless someone collects all the skulls. This mechanic can allow a lot of comebacks: I’ve seen many teams focusing on collecting skulls instead of going straight for the win. Don’t be a fool, don’t waste time.

Garden of Terror

If you missed the last changes, now the Garden Terror’s plant can neutralize the enemy core, giving a great advantage to your team if you go for an aggressive dive.
Collect every possible seed: even a single missed seed can make the difference if you end up having only 99 seeds. Our HotS Boost team won many games off a single seed, and we want you to do the same.
The first focus when defending should be the potted plants, unless there is an enemy running away with 15 hp.

This is the last part of our guide: keep these tips in mind and good luck for your games. Remember to check our site in the next days for new about the next HotS hero after Artanis!

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