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HotS – Siege Time! – Buildings Tips & Tricks

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  • 01/10/2015

HotS buildings
We’ve wrote a lot about the heroes, maps and strategies but we’ve been ignoring buildings, until now! Here are the most important tips from our Heroes of the Storm Boost team: if you want to improve your win rate be sure to keep these tips in mind!


Avoid using them at 30% health points or mana, rather always at 70%. You will get the same amount, but the main difference is that the cooldown will refresh faster and you will be able to use it earlier.

Fighting in areas close to your well will dramatically improve your chances to win the game. Picking the right fights is the key to victory in the Heroes of the Storm Season 1, and having your well close
during a fight helps a lot.

Always look for opportunities to snipe the well and get the buff, either by taking advantage of the map, of your champion’s abilities (Azmo Q is the perfect example) or by pushing a little
harder to get the well, not only the wall.

– Remember that if you are about to fight or to force a fight, you should always tap before the fight starts. You will be able to tap again sooner and you will use most of the 30% anyway, as it works during the fight.


– According to our Heroes of the Storm Boost team, many people forget that all buildings do a fixed amount of damage that doesn’t scale with game’s time. This means that early on they will hurt a lot, but later you should not overestimate their damage if you have a chance to close the game early. For the Heroes of the Storm Season 1 usually to end you will need a 3 man advantage for at least twenty seconds, to be lvl17 with ¾ of health and half mana when you enter to their core. Of course any map specific buff can help making you stronger, so consider every aspect!
For example, at level 24 you can easily dive their core with a Merc camp or a map specific buff, tanking the damage and destroying the building quickly enough. Talking of level 17, we assume that you have at least a two levels advantage over the enemies. Otherwise it will be very risky. Don’t throw at core, as you will waste your lead and allow the enemy team to comeback!

-Always remember that cores do AoE damage, so never stand close to the hero or minion they are targeting or you will take unnecessary damage. Same goes for your catapults and siege mercs. The area of effect damage will make most of your minion waves and knight camps almost useless, so don’t rely on those!


Many people ignore wall segments, but not our Heroes of the Storm boost team. Many champions can use them thanks to their kit, for example Illidan for mobility, Kharazim for heals or Tass for crowd controls. On the other hand, they can be useful as a counter play measure to Stitches, because they will nullify his pull. Remember that leaving them up will also mean that you have less space to juke the pulls, so if you are not confident enough in your ability to dodge destroy them, as you will also be denying vision from the enemies.

-Sometimes after a wipe you can ignore gate and towers, focusing on destroying the walls to directly the keep. However be aware of respawn times when you use this strategy!

-Remember that you can destroy walls to create more space for an ally stuck in a bad position!


-It’s almost always worth to backdoor a keep before destroying the fort, as long as you complete your quest. But remember that catapults will spawn only when the fort is destroyed too, so don’t forget to take the fort too.

Forts and keeps apply a debuff that slows your attack speed, so consider that you will have a great decrease in damage before diving. This means also that you should not tank them if you have a wave or you are using an auto attacks dependent champion. They apply a debuff to movement speed too, but this part can be cleansed.


-If you want to maximise your performance in the HotS season 1, team working is essential: this means also not splitting the damage on the towers! Be sure to cooperate with your allies taking down one objective at the time, reducing the damage taken to the hero who is tanking or to the waves.

-If you are able to get an early push, try to get down a tower. With smart positioning you can destroy a tower taking low damage, draining it’s ammo. You will have a substantial advantage in map pressure that can generate an edge over your enemies. After you win a fight, remember that the fort and the keep are your priority! You should focus the tower only if you can’t get those first.

Remember that gate denies you vision, so if the tower has no ammo or you can safely ignore it, destroy the gate before the tower itself.

Our Heroes of the Storm boost team wants to give you the last and most important tip. HotS is a game based on team work, not only on individual skill, so you should always cooperate with your team. If your team is about to take a suboptimal objective after a fight, go with them anyway, even if you think that you can gain a greater advantage doing something else! In soloq it’s better to have full team follow a bad plan than letting everyone do their things.

If you still haven’t, check out our Heroes of the Storm Boost service where we help you rank your account up, including the option of Duo Queue Boost. For players who prefer 1 on 1 mentoring, try out Heroes of the Storm Coaching service.

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