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HotS | End of Preseason Rewards Confirmed & Season 1

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  • 04/04/2016

hots end of season rewards

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Hey lads. Our HotS boosting team is on the watch and we just received news about the Preseason end and Season 1 start date! And they are juicy, start grinding your Rank 1. Make sure to check out HotS Tier List in order to maximize your win rate. If you still cannot achieve it, we can assist with you with it.

Season 1 Start Date

Heroes of the Storm Preseason ends on 14th june and Season 1 starts in the same week of June 14th, the same week the preseason will come to it’s end. Seasons will last a couple of months with Season 1 a bit longer as an exception. Season 1 WILL NOT bring a HARD MMR RESET, only a soft reset (this means all players’ MMR is tuned down a bit but it’s still proportionally higher / lower than someone else, like your friend), so yes, all MMR you gained through preseason will still be valuable in Season 1.

What kind of rewards will we get?

preseason hots rewards

This means that both Hero League and Team League Rank 1 will have a special portrait that shows you were really Rank 1 in the preseason. You can see the mounts & portraits below.
rank 1 profile picture

epic elemental wolf hots

preseason portraits hots

Season 1 Redesign?

Yes, Blizzard is redesigning the whole ranked system to fit the classic Bronze – Diamond + Master & Grandmaster for extremely good players. Each division will feature 1000 points, when you enter a new division you will get 250 points. There will now be 10 placement games instead of 20. Also news is that you will only be able to queue with players in 1 tier higher or lower than you, silenced players will not be able to queue ranked play.
You can check how will the system function in this video.

season 1 redesign ranking system

Master League will be above Diamond but under Grandmaster and will feature only points, no divisions, just like in LoL, where Grandmaster will feature only top 500 on the server.
master league hots

grandmaster league hots

preseason rank

Stay tuned for more info!

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