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HotS – Objectives – Times To Take Or Leave Objectives!

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  • 04/11/2015

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Hello everyone! Today our Heroes of the Storm boost team will talk about a very important topic: objective control. Yeah, we know that it’s really a basic topic, but it’s really important to grasp these concepts we’re about to propose. We decided to write this guide because, while performing our HotS Duo Queue boosting service, our boosting team observed that many players have good mechanics but can’t really understand the objective control. Even if you can master the best heroes according to the HotS tier list, it’s crucial to play around objectives to climb the ladder. We previously covered the general aspects of the game, now we will focus on objectives control. Believe it or not, it’s not as simple as spamming pings or yelling “attack the immortal ffs” in chat, but it gets more complicated.
Our guide will be split in two parts: don’t forget to check later on our site for the second half!

Talents And Death Timers

Probably you are thinking something like “You just told us that this guide will focus on objectives, why you are starting his guide talking about talents?”. Well, my impatient friend, talents are one of the first things to consider before taking an objective. Just take a look at your level: if you are even slightly behind in experience, but that small lead was enough for the enemies to have one more talent tier, chances are their combat power is way higher.
On the other hand, if you just reached level 10 and unlocked the heroics, it’s the right time to start a fight! You can make an aggressive play around an objective knowing that you have an heroic advantage over your enemies.
Just like talents, death timers are a huge factor. Let’s say that you just won a team fight wiping the enemy team, and your teammates are pinging an objective. Your average solo queue guy would probably go afk soak… emh, join them just to get punished by the enemies spawning a few seconds after. However, thanks to the advices of our Heroes of the Storm boost team, you will know that you have to look at death timers before making that decision. If the enemy Kael’thas is spawning in 13 seconds and Falstad in 15, it’s probably wiser to retreat and heal: they are two strong heroes and there is a reason if they are placed so high on the HotS tier list.

Not Taking Objectives

Ok, I admit it, this tip is counter intuitive. We just said that objectives are even more important than experience lead and kills, and that the main mistakes that our booster observe during the HotS Duo Queue Boost sessions is ignoring objectives.
However often less experienced players think that getting an objective is the only way to get a lead on the enemies, but sometime it’s better to get an advantage pushing a lane and soaking experience.
For example, on Sky Temple it’s not needed to capture both the first temples. According to our HotS Boost team, it’s better to focus on getting just a single temple while soaking experience. On Cursed Hollow this is also very noticable, in many situations leaving the curse, especially if it’s the first one is wise, on the account that you will actually soak the experience meanwhile. Don’t overcommit, be smart and get a small advantage while also playing as safe as possible.
There are many others examples, and be sure to check our next guide for more tips for specific maps. Right now, we remind you that the best way to win is to focus on your macro and to play the best heroes according to the HotS tier list. Our analysts are wondering who the next HotS hero will be and how he will be placed in the Heroes of the Storm tier list.

Objectives As “Win Conditions”

Every objective is different. Blizzard did an amazing job at diversifying each map and every objective, so it’s important to understand how quickly you can finish a game after an objective. According to our HotS Boost team, in Battlefield of Eternity if you are able to secure the Immortal, soon or later one Nexus will be blown by his siege damage. On the other hand in maps like Tomb of the Spider Queen games can last for a lot of time even if your team is able to secure many objectives.
As we just said, every map has a different meta thanks to Blizzard’s excellent job at providing map diversity, so a good comp for Sky Temple may have trouble securing a victory in the Tomb of the Spider Queen. The Sky Temple is dominated by early game oriented team comps, because many late game picks don’t have actually enough time to scale into the late game. On the Tomb of the Spider Queen it’s hard to end a game quickly so late game sieging compositions are surely stronger. Refer to our Heroes of the Storm tier list for every map to pick always the best hero for every battleground!

Lastly, Comebacks!

Many HotS maps allow many comeback scenarios revolving around objectives. Even if you are behind, making a play around a neutral objective can turn the tides of the match.
For example, in Blackheart’s Bay a single boss push can be devastating. On the Tomb of the Spider Queen, a team even if far behind can finish a game with a single push after a team fight if they secure the Dragon Knight because the boss will do the dirty job for them in a late game scenario with a pushing comp. Be sure to maximize your chances of making a comeback using the best late game heroes such as Kael’Thas.

This section ends the first part of this guide; be sure to keep visiting our site in the next few days for the second part and to have informations about who the next HotS hero will be: check out our previous article to see who are the possible candidates!

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