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HotS – New Starcraft Support Hero Revealed – Medic

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  • 07/08/2015

HotS Medic
During Gamescom interview, Dustin Browder revealed the new support hero that will be joining Heroes Of The Storm, coming from the Starcraft franchise, called Medic. Release date is unknown.

Original tweet: Our new ranged support hero is reporting for duty! State the nature of your medical emergency. http://blizz.ly/BlizzGC2015 pic.twitter.com/kmDG8S2i74

They didn’t give us much details except a little revelation of her kit.

One of the abilities will be some kind of grenade that will disrupt enemy heroes, Tychus grenade anyone?
Another ability will be a shield that she will likely be able to use on herself and enemies, and one of her Heroics is also pretty crazy, called Medivac that is a vehicle from Starcraft 2 which you can transport your team across the map! Something like Falstad, but the whole team, amazing, imagine the potential plays, such as flying quickly to Boss in Sky Temple or Blackheart’s Bay.
Ofcourse this ability will be very powerful in highly coordinated teams and very useless in non-coordinated teams, up to you to decide if you should take this Heroic.

HotS medic 2

Our HotS boost employees are certainly excited because we’ve always wanted to make a full Starcraft viable team. :)

In this Twitch timestamped broadcast you can see Dustin Browler talking about Medic and showcasing her Heroic Medivac.

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HotS medic designs

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