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HotS Monk – New Hero Leaked!

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  • 03/08/2015

HotS Monk - Cover

Blizzard’s latest addition to Heroes of the Storm, a Monk called Karajim, recently leaked on a Korean Website but the trailer was taken down shortly. Take a look at a couple of screenshots of this Diablo newcomer that were taken by a Reddit’s user rost473. Will this Hero make room in our HotS boost employee’s arsenal?

HotS Monk - Leak

It is hinted that the Monk will be a melee support. While our HotS boost employees don’t really enjoy supporting, especially when performing HotS duoQ boost services, who knows maybe this dude will be viable as a carry too!

From the Eternal Conflict trailer many Diablo fans recognised the abilities that usually end up in the game, it makes perfect sense for Blizzard to tease abilities in the trailer that will actually be present in the game, right?

Way of the Hundred Fists: Perform a swift series of punches that generate Spirit.

Seven-Sided Strike: Move rapidly between enemies dealing damage by performing 7 strikes, this ability consumes Spirit.

Serenity: The Monk activates a shield that absorbs incoming damage.

So, just like Sonya has her Rage, Monk likely uses Spirit, some abilities will generate Spirit and some will use it. Simple.

HotS Monk - Trailer

A couple more speculations:

Exploding Palm: This ability will likely cause a damage over time on enemy, like a bleed, and if the enemy dies while having this debuff, he will explode and deal damage to his allies.

Diablo fans claim there will be two Mantras aswell, or atleast something close to this.

Mantra of Retribution
Passive: Monk and his allied Heroes will deal damage to enemy heroes that they attack.
Active: Make the Mantra stronger, deal more damage.

Mantra of Conviction
Passive: Enemy Heroes that are in vicinity of The Monk will take damage, something like Burning Rage.
Active: Make the Mantra of Conviction stronger, making it deal more damage.

HotS Monk - Trailer 2

Monks that build full support will do their supporting by using following Mantras. What the hell are these Mantras anyway? Shortest way to put it is, when you activate an ability, a Mantra becomes an aura around you. The most likely way The Monk will support allied Heroes is by using “Mantra of Healing” and “Mantra of Salvation”:

Mantra of Salvation
Passive: Monk itself and his allies gain more defensive stats.
Active: Make the Mantra of Salvation even stronger, granting more stats.

Mantra of Healing
Passive: Monk itself and his allied Heroes gain HP regen.
Active: Activate a shield around the Monk and his allied heroes that will absorb incoming damage.

NOTE: All these abilities are speculations, our HotS boost employees do not guarantee that Monk will be using them, they are just most likely at this time.

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