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HotS Hero League – Tier List (Cho’gall Patch)

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  • 19/11/2015

hots tier list cho'gall
The long awaited Cho’Gall patch Heroes of the Storm Tier List by the HotS boost team is here. It wasn’t such a major patch but there are some changes here, who of your favorite heroes has changed positions in our HotS Tier List?

Click for our Updated Hero League Tier List (Lunara Patch)


Tier 1 – These are the best heroes, they are picked in most of the games and they fit almost every team composition.

Tier 2 – If you cannot choose anything from Tier 1, go for Tier 2, but be careful as they do not fit every composition, pick wisely.

Tier 3 – These are only strong if played well and in a proper team composition!

Tier 4 – Avoid picking these.


Tier 1Jaina, Kael’Thas, Raynor

Tier 2Falstad, Valla, Thrall(+1)

Tier 3Tychus, Butcher, Nova(+1), Illidan(-1), Zeratul(-2), Kerrigan

Tier 4/


Tier 1 – Nazeebo, Zagara

Tier 2 – Sgt. Hammer (+1), Sylvanas, Abathur(+1), Murky

Tier 3 – Lost Vikings, Azmodan,

Tier 4 – Gazlowe
NOTE: TLV, Azmo and Murky are T3 only because they do not fit many compositions, good players and compositions make them very viable.


Tier 1 –Johanna, Leoric, Sonya, E.T.C.(+1), Tyrael(+1), Diablo (+2)

Tier 2 – Arthas, Muradin(-1)

Tier 3 – Chen, Anub’Arak, Rexxar, Artanis, Cho’Gall

Tier 4 – Stitches
NOTE: Sonya, Tyrael, Arthas, Anub, Artanis are offtanks! Cho’gall is Tier 3 for obvious reasons.


Tier 1 – Uther, Li-Li(+1)

Tier 2 – Rehgar(-1), Tyrande, Tassadar, Malfurion (+1), Kharazim(+1), Brightwing(+1)

Tier 3 – Lt. Morales (+1)

Tier 4 – /
NOTE: Tyrande and Tassadar are offhealers!

We will post a complete Cho’gall guide after our Heroes of the Storm boost team finishes working on it, and ofcourse expect a new Heroes of the Storm Tier List shortly after the new patch lands.


  • OScar says:

    Hi!! What does “OFF” means in “offtanks” and “Offsupports”?? I’m new here, sorry

    • Boosting Factory says:

      It means that they are not main tanks, you need to have a main dedicated tank such as Muradin, and then pick the offtank.

  • DeadlyTickle says:

    Why would you consider Kharazim as Tier 3 and Reghar as Tier 1 ? Monk has amazing healing through the whole game and Reghar is hardly ever picked

  • Nekro says:

    what a shitty tier list lel

    • Boosting Factory says:

      Thanks for your reply, we will gladly take your arguments into consideration and possibly change the tier list, what do you disagree with?

  • TheOddRaspu says:

    After looking at some stats from the game I have to agree in almost every choice of this list. The only question I have is:
    How Tyrande is having one of the best win ratios atm in Diamond and Master class? (Over Uther by far!)

    Thanks for your work!

    • Boosting Factory says:

      Thank you for reading our work!

      Tyrande is an extremely strong hero under right conditions, in an environment such as Team League and high MMR Hero League where Tyrande players land much more skillshots and has skilled players to follow-up on those skillshots such as her stun, she suddenly becomes much more useful than a bad Tyrande in a low MMR environment.

      Basically, high skill-cap, high reward hero.

  • Supermage says:

    Good tierlist and all, im just wondering why muradin is tier 2 and not tier 1? he is banned/picked every tournament and is picked every match in hl at high mmr. thank you! :))

    • Boosting Factory says:

      Hey Supermage, good question there. Muradin is a decent hero, but, only in a special environment such as Team League and competitive tournament play. He’s a great anti-mage tank and zones current strongest mage Kael’Thas easily and he can easily set up kills for a proper team that will follow up his lead. This environment can also be simulated in a very high MMR Hero League because players naturally know what to do there and are able to utilise Muradin. This being said, he’s definitely Tier 1 for this kind of play, but still, T2 for the remainder of the population, which is about 90%, give or take.

      Hope I clarified this for you, have a nice day.

  • vic says:

    Dont agree with many of the ranks here…. maybe this reflects high rank picks, but as a ranked player in the high teens and low 20s i don’t see this tier list reflected in my games….. lt. Morales is almost an automatic win for her team. She is weak and unless there is very good coordination from the opposing to bring her down first she will heal whatever you throw at her team. Artanis is the most popular tank right now, deals incredible damage and with a decent player can be #1 in damage dealt and #1 in damage taken…. i;ll give this tier list a 5 out of 10 . Half right, half misses on their heroes

    • Boosting Factory says:

      Hello Vic.

      Our tier list is actually very precise, but there’s a little paradox and you’ve noticed one correctly, the Morales one. During our boosting we noticed that she is picked very often and has a decent win rate, but this is only because of lack of coordination and nobody actually bothering to kill her, she isn’t a very good pick in any rank 15 or higher games. She will become buffed soon so we’ll see how that works out. For now we aren’t changing her position.

      Artanis isn’t good either and he is only successful in low ranks for the same reasons as Morales. I’m sorry but we won’t make a tier list for very low ranks. No hard feelings.

      Thanks for your input anyway.

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