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HotS @ Gamescom – Rexxar, Artanis, Kharazim and more leaks!

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  • 05/08/2015

HotS @ Gamescom Cover

Check out our Heroes of the Storm @ Gamescom coverage.

We posted about the Monk leak yesterday, and now and english trailer is out, check it out.

We’ve also got his full confirmed ability list thanks to our hard working HotS boost employees that track the social media closely.

I assume at the start of the game you pick one of the traits that will determine your role more closely.

Transcendence – Every third attack you heal yourself.
Iron Fist – Your critical strike chance increases.
Insight – Sorry, we don’t know this one yet

Ability list:
Radiant Dash (Q) Apparently this ability allows your to jump towards your allies, high mobility.
Breath of Heaven (W) This ability makes you heal yourself and allied heroes around you, main support ability.
Deadly Reach (E) Apparently this ability increases your range and provides extra damage.

Seven-Sided Strike (R): Kharazim will start jumping around punching people, I reckon 7 times.
Divine Palm (R) This is a very interesting ability, you can mark an allied hero which has an aura, if he dies during that aura he will resurrect immediatelly! HotS boost employee approved!

Monk Seven Sided Strike Image


Seems like we got our first hero with a permament pet!

Ability list
Rexxar’s pet is called Misha, it’s a bear. – Normally, she will attack when you attack. In case she dies, you will become more vulnerable somehow. You’re able to control them both at the same time! Misha will first attack what you’re attacking. You can’t control her independently, I guess when you die, you can’t control her like Leoric’s Ghost but you can give her commands like Jaina’s pet, suspects our HotS boost employee.
TRAIT D: Misha recalls.

Spirit Swoop (Q): Rexxar sends out a Hawk in a straight line that attacks enemy heroes.
Misha’s charge (W): This ability makes your pet Misha charge and stun enemies in a desired area.
Mend Pet (E): With this ability you heal Misha. Like we mentioned, you become vulnerable if she dies so don’t let her dies. Apparently when she dies she resurrects pretty fast but you need to survive during that time. The heal itself is large. It’s a heal over time, you can beat it with a burst of damage but a slow duel she’ll win.

Unleash the Boars (R): You send some boars out, one of them you can’t see apparently(?), all enemies hit will be slowed and revealed, good vs stealthers our HotS boost employees suspect.
Bestial Wrath (R): You buff Misha and make her deal a lot of additional damage.

Rexxar Screenshot

Here’s a leaked ability video.


Artanis Cover

Artanis is a dual bladed Zealot, leader of the Protoss. Apparently he deals heavy damage even tho he’s a warrior. We don’t have much on him yet. Our HotS boost employees look forward the most to this dude!


Infernal Shrines is another map with a Diablo theme, it features three lanes that have three shrines, they will periodcally gather power. Teams can take this power of the shrines by activating one and defeating 30 skeletons, after you’ve beaten them, you will summon a strong Punisher to fight for you. There are three types of Punishers, each shrine will summon a different one. Punisher is a very strong minion, with fiery arms that have blades. These strong Punishers have three types like I said, Mortar, Frozen, Arcane. Their goal is ofcourse to kill enemy heroes and push the nearby lane but apparently these dudes unlike other boss minions actually tend to target Heroes more. Some kind of circle will appear around you if he’s targeting you, then he will jump towards you, even through walls and stun you when they land on you. This map focuses much on laning.

Stay tuned for more Gamescom news!

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