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Alexstrasza, The Life Binder Guide

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  • 13/11/2017

alexstrasza hots guide

Introduction by our Heroes of the Storm Professionals

Alexstrasza is a Hero that our Heroes of the Storm boosting team has predicted would join the Nexus. :) She’s a ranged support hero from the Warcraft franchise.

She has two forms, humanoid and dragon form! She transforms into Dragon form with a long cooldown of her trait and is able to heal and damage in it as well. Her kit is based on her giving a portion of her health to an ally, planting a healing AoE seed on the ground and her ultimates being incredibly interesting too. Her E is a damage/slow skillshot that passes through enemies.

How will she rank on our Heroes of the Storm Tier List, click and see. Alexstrasza’s release date is November 14th, 2017.

Pros & Cons

– Burst healing
– Sustained healing
– Dragon form
– Poke damage
– Good at healing objective-based fights

– Weak against dive comps
– Needs to spam E
– No escape


Alexstrasza Solo Healer Build

alexstrasza hots build
Level 1 – Circle Of Life
Level 4 – Surge of Vitality
Level 7 – Verdant Flourish
Level 10 – Life-Binder
Level 13 – Pacify
Level 16 – Overprotective
Level 20 – Ritual Of Life

NOTE: If you believe our build is outdated, please leave a comment and our professionals will update it immediately!

Alexstrasza Double Healer Comp Build

alexstrasza double healer hots build
Level 1 – Live And Let Live
Level 4 – Exuberance
Level 7 – Lifeblossom
Level 10 – Life-Binder or Cleansing Flame
Level 13 – Pacify
Level 16 – Tough Love
Level 20 – Ancient Flame

NOTE: If you believe our build is outdated, please leave a comment and our professionals will update it immediately!

Alexstrasza Counters (Avoid picking her vs these heroes)

– Tracer

– Genji

– The Butcher

– Anub’arak

– Illidan

– Sonya

Strong Maps for Alexstrasza

– Battlefield of Eternity
– Volskaya Foundry
– Towers of Doom
– Infernal Shrines

hots alexstrasza gameplay

Tips & Tricks

1. Alexstrasza’s trait has a super long cooldown (2m20s), don’t waste it.

2. Your Flame Buffer (E) is only 2 seconds cooldown and it’s meant to be spammed and kept as an active ticking damage over time on your enemies. Try to hit as many as possible in fights.

3. When destroying gates and 2 towers around them, position yourself on the edge of a tower and hit both towers + gate with your E.

4. Flame Buffet (E) is a great tool for brush checking, checking if a boss is there and so on, can be done over some walls. Decent range and low cooldown ability.

4. Your W takes 3 seconds to activate, aim accordingly.

5. Your Q heal ability takes a % of your CURRENT health, not maximum health, meaning don’t be afraid to use it if you’re low in health but not in danger to die.

6. If you decide to play Cleansing Flames as ultimate, it’s a great tool to escape dying by quickly going to air, dropping the bombs and then repositioning somewhere safe (you have 2 seconds to reposition after the bombs have been dropped)

7. Your W heal is best used on high HP allies such as tanks as they heal for a % of maximum health.

8. When using Life-Binder make sure to get to a safe distance so you do not get damaged and your target gets the same hopefully high HP as you do.

9. Life Binder can also be used reversely, if you’re low HP, target someone with high HP (Not necessarily a tank! You get the same percentage of health, it doesn’t matter if your target is 5000 HP or 2000 HP, you equalize according to percentages) and get their health if you’re being pressured.

10. Your Wing Buffet ability in Dragonqueen form is a great utility to knockback enemies that are threatening you or your team.

Thank you for reading our guide. Let us know if you disagree with anything or an update is needed! :)

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