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Hero League – Why Playing The Blame Game Will Hold You Back

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  • 06/10/2015

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Our Heroes of the Storm boost team knows that in every game, but especially in MOBAs, blame is a big problem. HotS season hasn’t even started, but every HotS player already sees it daily: is so much easier to blame the other guy, or Blizzard itself than to realize that this will only make things worse.

The Blame Game

It’s a common response to an high stress situation, and since HotS is so stressful and hard, and it forces you to collaborate with strangers to win, the need to yell at someone at the other end of the screen sometimes is hard to contain. Probably it will make you feel better in that exact moment, but it won’t help you becoming a better player, and surely won’t help your team mates play better.

As I said, it’s not unusual to have this kind of situation during the game, but when this mentality carries on outside the current game, it’s a big deal. If you are familiar with the online community, you surely see many people complaining about how there is a bot in every game, always a boosted guy in their team, and that overall despite their 50% win rate they don’t belong at their MMR. But is impossible to improve without focusing on your own mistakes. According to our HotS boost team, blaming the others never helped anyone. In their opinion, the best way to break this mindset is to understand that it is totally wrong, and even if you are right, it won’t help you in any way. So you are on a loss streak because you are always matched with bots? Statistically, if there is a bot every game, there is the same number of bots in every team, even in the opposite team, believe it or not. You can’t be this unlucky, can’t you? And even if you think you are matched with bad players, complaining and flaming them won’t have a positive result here. You can only change yourself, not four strangers that you will forget in a few days.

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As soon as you realize that you are not a perfect player, everything becomes more clean. If you can eventually see your flaws, you can correct them and improve: self improvement will be essential as soon as HotS season 1 begins, unless you want to get stuck again. You just died from a gank when you had no vision of the enemies? Don’t blame your team mates, but focus more on the minimap and don’t overextend if you don’t feel safe. Next time you will not give up a kill and will surely have a better experience. On the other hand, flaming your allies won’t change anything. Just understanding how much you are doing wrong and how much you can improve is the first step to becoming a better player. Thinking that you are playing at your best and is someone else’s fault means you will always be frustrated.

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