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Hero League Tips – How To Mercenaries & Bosses

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  • 12/10/2015

Today our Heroes of the Storm boost team will offer you some general tips and tricks that will surely help you tremendously, having a great knowledge is the key to secure a sweet rank 1 account. So let’s get started!

hots mercs


Ideally you want to do mercs right before a major objective, using them to boost your push. Keep in mind that the camps are mirrored, so the enemy team can likely do the same canceling any advantage: for this reason many team will just clear the enemy camps in lane. If you decide to cap mercs, you have to be sure that the time “invested” in doing the camp will give you an advantage, and that there isn’t a better way to spend your time and resources. You can understand the concept thinking of it as a trade off with yourself or with the enemy.
If you invest eight seconds in doing the mercs camp while you are waiting for a wave, then the investment is worth; but if you decide to cap mercs while the curse effect is on or temples are active, well, you are wasting your time.

But according to our HotS boost team there is a better way to consider this choice. You can use mercs to dictate the tempo of the game, deciding what is going to happen. For example, you can use the mercs as a bait: get vision control, wait for the enemy team to jump on you and get an advantage with that fight! Our experts recommend to use this tricky strategy only if you are confident about your chances to win the fight; and the official release of Artanis will make these mercs bait more exciting thanks to his “Phase Prism” ability. Artanis’ E will make him swap with the enemy heroes: a great setup for a bait!

Remember to always cap mercs in as little time as possible and to minimize the damage taken: if you position in the back corner of a knight camp you will only be damaged by two mobs, as the third won’t be able to reach you. Fats deal Area of Effect damage when capped, but single target damage when they are neutral.
To set up the perfect bait, keep In mind that mercs will respawn in the exact place they died, so if you make wander around the camp you can surprise your enemies.
Also on the new maps bribe is even more worth, since hard camp are harder (no pun intended) to clean. Minions are pretty simple to clear.

hots boss


We all know that bosses give great advantage to the team that defeats them, but our Heroes of the Storm boost team knows that they are the first throw reason in many games. Even if you are winning, your best chance to throw the game is at bosses: there is always a risk for the enemies to come back. Let’s think about it: while doing a boss, you are taking free damage, using cooldowns on it, so if the enemy team is able to jump on you, you will be in rough situation.

Moreover, communication is key in HotS, but is hard to coordinate yourself with four random strangers during an intense, high stress situation: maybe you think that the best idea is to focus on the enemy team, but your four allies decide to stay on the boss, causing great troubles. On the other hand, for your enemies the decision is easy: let’s kill those guys while they are busy on the boss. So remember, don’t try to fight a boss if your opponents can react and secure your victories with patience! Train yourself to be the best as soon as HotS season 1 starts!

Now a few tips for specific boss fights: tornadoes will spawn on champion locations, so you can wait in the enemy side of the map to exploit this mechanic and make your opponents’ life less simple.
As soon as the boss starts channeling his stun, you still have time for one auto; however you still have to avoid golem’s roots as soon as they spawn.
Bosses have an easy targeting mechanic: they will focus the closest champion with autos, and the second one if their target goes out of range. Their aggro system is pretty simple, but remember that you can’t avoid attacks if their animation has already started.
The last tip is for the Lobster King: when he starts charging his stun, he will become untargetable for a few moments. Don’t misclick or you may find yourself walking into him!

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