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Hero League – Party Size Changes

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  • 02/09/2015

HotS Party Size Change

Just after Blizzard removed the 5 man Hero League queue, they’re back with new changes…

A couple of reasons for this. They noticed that when you queue up as a 4 man group, and there’s a large MMR gap inbetween members of your party, it makes trouble for the game matchmaker, you don’t care about it because you willingly decided to queue up with your buddies, but the fifth guy is pulled into your game where one of you might play real good and the other guy is a complete noob, I surely don’t want to play in a team like that! That often results in the fifth guy being left out from Voice chat and not knowing what’s the deal, sometimes even being annoyed by it and refusing to play with the party of four. So to summarise, you will only be able to queue with one more buddy, famously called duoQ.

Some people are not happy with that, they enjoyed playing ranked games with their friends, us HotS boost employees aren’t really happy either when it comes to finishing our Rank Boost service fast, but that’s life guys, this is better for the game and overall matchmaking which we all hated these last months.

Apparently 3 and 4 man groups are quite rare so they feel comfortable removing the ability to queue up like that. The change will arrive in the next patch.

I certainly hope this will improve the matchmaking quality and finally stop having those games where I’m Rank 1 with Rank 45’s in the party. Cheers.

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