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10 Combos That Will Increase Your Win Rate – Part 1

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  • 28/11/2015

10 combos hots
Hey guys! During our HotS Duo Queue Boost, our boosters often find that their clients aren’t able to perform basic combos on the heroes they play. Usually we focus on the “macro” aspects of the game (rotations, objective control and so on), but today our HotS Boost Team is gonna talk about the ten most important combos to master. If you want to climb the ladder playing the best heroes according to our HotS tier list, you are going to need some practice!
This is the first part of the article: check our site in the next days for the second part and more news and release date of the new HotS hero, Lunara, announced at Blizzcon!

Jaina – Frostbolt [Q] + Cone of Cold [E] + Blizzard [W]

As you all know, Jaina is a very powerful assassin that dominates our HotS tier list, and as every assassin she needs to stay safe while maximizing her damage per second.
In order to unlock her full damaging potential, if you chose the Numbing Blast talent you want to apply “Chill” to the enemies using Frostbolt, than unleash your Cone of Cold and Blizzard to deal an incredible amount of damage.
However if you prefer the Northern Exposure talent the combo is slightly different: according to our HotS Boost team, the optimal combo starts with Blizzard! Now it gets tricky: before the spell connects, you should try to cancel the animation casting Cone of Cold to apply Chill before Blizzard deals damage. I know, it sounds harder – and it’s even harder to do it. But if you want to master Jaina, you need to practice this combo.

Uther – Benediction [1] + Hammer of Light [E]

Uther is another very strong hero according to our Heroes of the Storm tier list. His combos are easier, and revolve around the Benediction talent, that reduces the cd of his next spell by ten seconds.
Many times you will need Benediction for the heal, as it will give you an effective two seconds of downtime. On the other hand, using it on Hammer of Light is a little more tricky. As you know, the stun has a 10 seconds cool down, meaning that you can stun twice almost instantly! However be careful: if you stun twice the same opponent in half a second, you will overlap the crowd control wasting his duration. So practice, practice and practice until you can tell exactly when the first stun is gonna end and cast immediately Hammer of Light again: this means that you will lock down your target for two seconds, leaving him no escapes.

Kerrigan – Impaling Blades [W] + Primal Grasp [E]

Kerrigan’s combo is probably the most notorious on the list. If she performs her W E combo, she can stun one or many enemies: that’s a very important part of her kit, and failing it means that you are almost useless.
The first step is placing Impaling Blades on the ground considering the distance from your enemies; then cast Primal Grasp keeping in mind that the angle between you and the target is important. It’s easier said than done, but you still need to practice it to climb the ladder: so go playing vs the AI and show us your mechanics! If you still have troubles performing the combo, remember that you can purchase our HotS Duo Queue service to have some 1 on 1 personal help.
kerrigan combo

Johanna – Condemn [W] + Punish [Q]

Johanna has an interesting combo. As you all know, she is one of the best warriors in the game thanks to her peeling abilities and crowd control in general: she is one the highest warrior on our Heroes of the Storm tier list for a good reason!
Her combo is executed chaining Condemn and Punish. You want to pull your enemies with your W, and use Punish right after in order to slow them. This will often stop a fleeing enemy or prevent an assassin to sneak into your back line: this combo is a great counter to the HotS new hero Lunara. Her heroic allows her to leap over a target dealing damage, and is a huge part of her burst. If Johanna is able to pull her right after the leap following up with a slow, Lunara will be almost useless in the fight.
However Johanna’s combo is not straightforward: the main difficulty is applying the slow at the right time. If you cast it too early, the pull animation will waste some of the slow duration. Applying it too slowly, on the other hand, means that the enemy has a chance to escape.We do not suggest taking this heroic most of the time, it really depends what your role is in the teamfight and do you have any assasins that can attack their backline.

Zeratul – Attack + Cleave [Q] + Attack + Singularity Spike [W]

Zeratul is a very powerful hero thanks to his stealth. However many players underestimate his damage because they don’t take full advantage of his combo: inexperienced players will start the “rotation” with Cleave and then use the auto attack.
Luckily for you, our Heroes of the Storm Boost team knows better. You can maximize Zeratul’s damage starting with an auto attack! As a matter of fact his Cleave animation will go off during the “auto attack down time”: after casting your Q, Cleave, you will be able to use a second auto attack and lastly Singularity Spike.
This means that in the same time you can use one more auto, substantially increasing your burst damage, taking also advantage of the Follow Through talent. Start doing the correct rotation consistently and you will notice a huge difference in damage: your opponents will also be surprised from your damage!

As we already told you, this is the first part of the guide. If you liked it, be sure to check our site in the next days for the second part, more content from our Heroes of the Storm boost team and more informations about the HotS new hero, Lunara, announced at Blizzcon.

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