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Eight hero combinations that currently wreak havoc [Butcher patch]

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  • 16/07/2015

Like you probably already know, HotS is a game where you literally cannot make a huge impact on the game alone, the proper term would be ‘to carry‘ the game. What this essentially means is that you need to pay attention to team compositions a lot more than in other MOBA games. Our boosters also very much prefer to team up in atleast 3 member parties in order to utilise these synergies I will talk about below.

Icy Meat

Basically, this comp relies on focusing only one target and killing it no matter what, at level 10, when Butcher gets his Furnace Blast and Jaina gets her Water Elemental combined with Tyrande’s Stun and AoE on top of it, people die, or one person atleast. Note that our boosters do not suggest playing Tyrande in a soloQ environment due to her heavy reliability on team synergy, something you either find in a team or a boost party environment. If you really insist, then play it within the comps we will suggest.

Freezing Stuns


Similar to the one we presented above, Butcher was replaced with Muradin, here you have great AoE, double stun combo and basically something will die if you manage to land two consecutive stuns even tho the damage MAY be a little low. Again, rely on team synergy or don’t play Tyrande / Muradin.

Crusader from Hell


This one is weird and focuses mainly on farming and late game Azmodan dunking. Azmo stacks up Taste For Blood easily and later Johanna just sets up multi-person dunks later. Also she uses her abilities to peel for his Lord Of Sin. Fun combo, can be played in soloQ environment easily as Johanna is very strong at the moment, while Azmo is fairly average.

Sustain & Poke


You know that bloody annoying Kael’Thas poke, we all do. Especially post-16. Nightmare. Anyhow, Malfurion is great when it comes to countering this poke because he is the best sustaining healer in the game, he can heal up over time the whole team and also has an AoE ult for when Kael goes mad. Makes sense to match these two and utilise them. Don’t forget Malfurion’s innervate that you use on mana hungry poke beast Kael.

Buff me Bro


Johanna has great utility and survivability, but sort of lacks damage, when combined with Abathur’s buff, she becomes a legitimate threat. Map control becomes priority and if you even pair it with Illidan, on level 20 things get nasty.

You’re Not Going Anywhere


You probably see where we’re going with this. Zombie Wall synergised with Entangling Roots, someone will be stuck there for a while, and likely die. But apart from this deadly combo, the sustainability is big, in HotS you do not need to go back to the base to buy items, so all sustain is valuable, these two contest objectives well because of sustained damage over time and healing over time. You might just want to add some burst damage to the full 5 man composition.

A Song Of Ice And Fire


Yes, we said it. Deal with it. So, these two heroes are on the top of HotS winrate charts and our boosters use these two mostly to perform quick HotS boost services you, our dear client, paid for. They are both heavy AoE and burst damage with strong poke potential. If they time their spells well, people die, period. The only weakness is that they are squishy and get easily picked out if you do not have a strong frontline to soak damage for them, Uther, most of the tanks, Rehgar, and so on.

Light in the Darkness


This composition relies on having Uther playing Divine Shield as heroic ability. Uther will ideally land a stun on someone for Zeratul, gets followed up by his burst combo and gets out. That’s it. The shield is here for Zera when he either misplays and needs it to get out because if he manages to get out, the enemy team likely spent a lot of their abilities and further follow up is possible, while noone died (Zera primarily). Can also be used offensively because it buys him time and gives him movement speed which is maybe crucial for him to land some hits for a killing blow.

I hope you enjoyed this and found it useful.

Credits to: Nick “Dorazion” D’Orazio

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