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Run Over Your Enemies – Tips On Mastering Keg Chen

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  • 26/07/2016

chen tips guide

Chen Stormstout, the best hero in HotS, was given easily the best heroic ability in the game, “Wandering Keg”. This heroic is not for those feint of heart. Picking up the barrel at level 10 requires Chen to give up a second health bar and massive sustain tool in his other heroic: Storm, Earth, Fire. However, it is one of the most fun abilities to use. When used effectively, it provides amazing utility to your team. There are a lot of reasons for his strength and because of this he is often ranked high on the HotS Tier List.
Wandering Keg makes Chen jump into his keg and roll around, knocking enemies away like drunken stumblers. Chen also becomes Unstoppable while rolling around on the floor, so enemies can’t stun, silence, blind, or root him. Our favorite Pandaren Brewmaster remains inside the keg for 5 seconds before popping back out onto the battlefield. Below are some of the most important tips to keep in mind when using this heroic. And for this he is one of the strongest heroes which is shown by his placing on HotS Tier List.

Peel For Your Backline

Chen’s magnificent keg can be used effectively for many things. The first of these is knocking dangerous attackers away from vulnerable allies. Wandering Keg is an extremely effective tool for peeling and even disengage. When used correctly, the barrel can prevent enemies from closing the gap to a low-health ally. Peeling is very important for people who do Heroes of the Storm Boosting.

Diving enemies will be especially susceptible to the effects of Wandering Keg. These enemies generally rely on mobility spells or crowd control to close the gap or remain on their target. A barrelling Chen is immune to any crowd control effects, so they won’t be able to stop him. He also negates the effects of mobility by knocking enemies away. The knockback distance is significant. The difference in position could be the difference between life and death for a targeted ally. He is also oftenly used for a Hots Boost by players who do such things professionally.

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Isolate enemies for picks

Wandering Keg is not only a tool for protecting allies. The barrel could also spell doom for your enemies. Chen can effectively isolate a single target with proper use of the almighty, spirit-filled keg. When an enemy hero starts retreating, you can Flying Kick over them and immediately use your heroic. Wandering Keg will hit the hero back towards your team.

The isolation and crowd control power becomes monstrous if you are battling near a corner formed by terrain or structures. You can barrel enemies into the corner and just keep rolling towards the wall. A lot of people choose to Buy Heroes of the Storm account. This effectively stuns them for 5 seconds and holds them in place while your team can dump massive damage onto them. If you get good at doing this, you will be able to carry teams with Chen. This is another reason why he is high on Heroes of the Storm Tier List.

Interrupt channeled spells

Wandering Keg allows Chen to move through a battle and reach critical targets. He can barrel past the front line and any threat of crowd control. Because of this, Wandering Keg is extremely useful for interrupting channeled spells like Ravenous Spirit, Mind Control, or Mosh Pit. Since Chen is Unstoppable during the heroic, he can safely run right through an E.T.C.’s area of effect for the interrupt. If buying Heroes of the Storm Accounts they will often be maining Chen.

Not only does the barrel allow you to get on the target you want to reach, it also helps provide an avenue for escape if used correctly. One tap from the barrel is all it takes to negate whichever enemy heroic you are facing. The rest of your time in Wandering Keg can be used to get back to safety while still disrupting the enemy team just as much as you did coming in. This is also one of the many reasons why he is one of the highest heroes on the Heroes of the Storm Tier List.

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Be Aware Of Your Health Bar

Oftentimes, Chen feels invincible while using Wandering Keg. Being Unstoppable and immune to all crowd control makes it feel like a reset button you can press whenever you need to escape. Sadly, this is not the case. Chen is still susceptible to damage from any basic attacks or area of effect spells that strike him.

Be aware of the above fact before going into battle looking for a good use of barrel. All it takes to throw a team fight is one mistimed dive into the enemy’s back line. Wandering Keg is much better when used early in a team fight because you will have enough health to sustain some damage and make good use of it. A good choice for Buy HotS Account.

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