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Boosting Factory’s Smurf Account Shop Is Now Open!

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  • 21/04/2016

Hey lads, our HotS boost team and our developers were working hard and got our automatic delivery HotS smurf account shop opened! I’m now going to present it to you in a few short steps on how to operate it and purchase your Heroes of the Storm accounts safely.

Where’s that HotS Account shop bro?

hots account shop

Just click on the navigation bar, there!

Sweet, coupons!

heroes of the storm accounts

Yup, just like our regular Heroes of the Storm boosting service, we also offer coupons for the accounts!

Is this safe tho? Will I get banned on my main account?

Nope! Our HotS account shop has nothing to do with your main and you can freely play 2 accounts, or more. We also provide LIFETIME warranty, if your account gets banned and you did nothing wrong, our Heroes of the Storm boost team will provide a free replacement account.

heroes of the storm smurf

I’m in, how do I buy and can I play right away?

Absolutely yes, our HotS account delivery is INSTANT. And apart from Credit Cards and PayPal, you can also pay with Bitcoin!

hots smurfs

Do you have Unranked accounts too?

Regularly check our stock and there should be some! If not, wait because our HotS boost team is working hard and we’ll restock as soon as possible, feel free to contact our Live Chat support to reserve an account for yourself.

Thank you for taking a tour of our new Heroes of the Storm Account Shop, I hope you liked it and we’ll keep bringing more innovations that make Boosting Factory the industry leader in Heroes of the Storm.

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