$20 / hour

Solo Coaching ($20)
Team Coaching ($)

I’m Planisphere, and I love Hots. I’ve played in tournaments, but I focus mainly on boosting / coaching. I mainly play Bruiser and Melee assassin, but I can always flex depending on your needs.

What to expect from me:
• Teach you specific heroes, their counters, what they counter, how to play them, etc.
• Solo laning
• Meta heroes
• Drafting
• Positioning
• Macro/micro
• Specific weaknesses and strengths
• Replay analysis

I also like to get into when to rotate, when to do camps, objectives and how to know when to prioritize one thing over the other. All of these will be tailored specifically to help you improve, and as such, lots of questions will be of great help.

Eager to hear from you.

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