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$20 / hour

Solo Coaching ($20)
Team Coaching ($25)

Gela – Professional Gaming

>Grandmaster all seasons
>Age: 21
>Rank 1, played in pro teams
>Available most of the time
>Server: EU
>Hotslogs Profile Link

About me:

I started playing Hots back in Alpha, since then, I’ve played in some pro teams (, TCM), also subbed for a lot of teams like Na’Vi, Dignitas and others.
Played in every role, besides support, but I know a lot about it as well, so I can help you with all roles if you want to. Over 10,000 games in my career.

What can I offer you:

> Since I’ve been playing a shot caller role a lot, I can help you with that(teach you how to do that).
> I will teach you how to play your role like a pro.
> How your positioning should be like for ANY role.
> Can help you with situational talent choices.
> Help you with drafting.
> Play games with you and watch replays after to point out some mistakes.
> Anything else you have in mind. :)

I also excel at Team Coaching

> Watching replays with you, making you understand what was wrong and how to change it.
> Help with drafts.
> Adjustment of actions in you scrims with other teams.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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