Grandmaster #19


$20 / hour

Solo Coaching ($20)
Team Coaching ($30)

About Me

> Name: Emil
> Age: 22
> Nationality: Danish
> Current MMR: 3,9k~
> Server: Americas, Europe
> Availability: 24/7
> HotSLogs: Link

I’ve got an extensive background with MOBA’s, starting with Warcraft III’s DotA in the early days, where I played in Dota League div 1. Since then I moved on to League of Legends, where I placed nr. 69 in EU in pre-season 1, and played for Against All Authority moving into season 1. I’ve been playing HoTS since the technical alpha, consistently placing high on the ladder.

What Can I Offer

I can either do live matches with you, or I can go over replays. I will be able to coach / guide you in the following areas:

> Meta / hero picks
> Teamfighting
> Micro/macro understanding of the game
> Positioning
> Attitude

All of these points will be summarized up at the end of every coaching session: How to climb efficiently

I guarantee you, that with just one hour of coaching, you will notice a huge difference in your Hero League games!

Having scrimmed with and against several top teams, I can also offer team coaching.

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