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8 Tips For When You Have a Tyrande In Your Team – Part 1

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  • 10/02/2016

tyrande synergy part 2

Hello lads! Today our HotS boost team is here to talk about Tyrande. However we decided that instead of the usual guide or tips on how to play and build Tyrande, it’s better to focus on how to play with a Tyrande on your team.
According to the latest statistics, Tyrande has dropped with her winrate quite a lot after the nerfs, still, shes played quite a lot. If you are a Tyrande player, cool, probably you already know how to synergize with her, but if you don’t it’s essential to learn how to maximize her potential. With these tips, you will be able to help your Tyrande win the game for you – sometimes it’s good to get carried!
Please keep in mind that this is the first part of the article – for the remaining four tips, check our site in the next days.

Understand how Hunter’s Mark works

Hunter’s Mark is probably one of the greatest debuff in the game, and one of the main reasons behind Tyrande’s success in our HotS tier list. This ability basically increase the damage done by 25%, and it’s essential to cast your bursting abilities as soon as it is applied.
During our duo queue boost sessions we see many players using their main damage spells before or after the mark – basically they waste a quarter of the total damage, and often they miss a kill opportunity because of that. Keep in mind that to take down a high priority target you will need to coordinate with your team, so don’t ignore Hunter’s Mark cooldown. If you pay close attention you will be able to understand the perfect moment for your burst combo.

Keep Trueshot Aura In Mind

Trueshot Aura is a talent unlocked at level 16 that increase the attack damage of every ally close enough to Tyrande. You can see the buff spotting the circle under your hero when you are in range of the ability. According to our Heroes of the Storm boost team experience, almost every Tyrande player chooses this talent, so you should always remember it at lv 16.
The buff consists of a 15% damage increase – a pretty high amount, especially combined with Hunter’s Mark, however it requires proper positioning. If you are not familiar with Tyrande, you will need to pay close attention to your hero’s model to understand if you have the buff, but after a few games you will be able to feel it immediately. Just remember that is your job to stay in range, not Tyrande’s because getting close to four people is not as easy as standing close to only one guy. Stay on the same pixel and you will see the damage skyrocket.
Don’t forget that it’s not worth to misposition yourself just to get the buff: when you are facing enemies with great AoE abilities or “wombo-combo” comps, sacrifice the buff and spread out. A 15% damage increase is nice, but you can’t dps when you are dead (tell that to my WoW guildies…)

Don’t Use Displacing Abilities Before The Stun

Lunar flare is Tyrande’s best ability for sure – she dominates our Heroes of the Storm tier list mainly because of how useful this spell is. There are too many strengths to cover: long range, high damage, it’s even a crowd control! However this skillshot can be tricky to land, especially if Tyrande’s teammates are working against her.
In competitive, it’s easy to communicate her stun, but in your regular Hero League game it’s up to you to anticipate the cast. First of all, learn its range and its cooldown, so you will be able to foresee when it’s not going to be casted and when it’s a possibility.
Second, remember to hold onto your lockdowns and displacement ability if you see an opening. There is nothing more frustrating than a perfect skillshot ruined by a mistimed displacing ability (looking at you, Raynor). This spell has an incredible utility and a good hit will surely benefit your team, so try to facilitate it and play around Lunar Flare.

tyrande synergy part 1

Use Shadowstalk’s Full Potential: Health And Stealth

Tyrande’s kit is really complete, as it offers a great utility and survivability tool in Shadowstalk. However many players don’t really understand the full potential of this ability, using it as a last resource to get some health back in messy situations. According to us, the stealth component is also very important, as it allows to make really cool plays and game changing moves. Sure, when you are playing with a Zeratul or a Nova you kinda expect to see sneaky plays, but Tyrande can do the same during those eight seconds.
Tyrande is still in a high Tier 2 according to our Heroes of the Storm tier list because as long as you are enough creative, there are no limits in the use of the stealth. We have all seen crazy escapes from messy situations, but there is much more. You can use it to fake an escape, while you are just positioning yourself to land the perfect Lunar Flare turning the tides of a fight.
You can also break early the stealth intentionally to bait your enemy: if they think that the heal has already been applied, they may overcommit. Take advantage of this trick to outsmart your opponents, surprising them with a last second heal.

The first part of this article ends here. If you are interested, check our site in the next few days for the second part, with four more tips to synergize with Tyrande.

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