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8 Tips For When You Have a Tyrande In Your Team – Part 2

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  • 17/02/2016

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Hello lads! Today our HotS boost team is here to talk about Tyrande again. However we decided that instead of the usual guide or tips on how to play and build Tyrande, it’s better to focus on how to play with a Tyrande on your team.
According to the latest statistics, Tyrande has dropped quite a lot on the win rate meters, but if you check our HotS tier list you can see how highly she is rated still. If you are a Tyrande player, cool, probably you already know how to synergize with her, but if you don’t it’s essential to learn how to maximize her potential. With these tips, you will be able to help your Tyrande win the game for you – sometime it’s good to get carried!
Please keep in mind that this is the second part of the article – for the first four tips, check out the Part 1!

Soak Some Damage For Your Tyrande

Tyrande’s heal, Light of Elune, is incredibly useful if she casts it on an ally, since it will heal both the ally and Tyrande herself – she is so valued on our HotS tier list this ability has a great potential. However, to exploit its full value, Tyrande needs to cast it on an ally, and not on herself: this means that splitting damage is a good idea. Don’t let Tyrande tank all the enemies spell, but absorb some damage just to get healed shortly after.
Let’s make an example: you are facing an enemy Jaina in a skirmish with a friendly Tyrande, who happens to be low. Here a smart player should try to tank Jaina’s damage, for example eating her Frostbolt, in order to lose health points. Tyrande will heal herself anyway, so absorbing some punishment won’t hurt you at all. Don’t waste half of her heal!

Use Pings To Maximize Her Owl Effectiveness

Tyrande’s Sentinel is an exceptional ability, since it allows a great map pressure – her global presence is one her main strengths, and she wouldn’t be on top of our Heroes of the Storm tier list without it.
Her owl is great at controlling the map, providing vision, interrupting channels and even grabbing sneaky kills on a low enemy. However global abilities are hard to use, since it’s impossible to watch the whole map all the time. You need to help Tyrande with pings and writing in chat. Ping every time an enemy is low, ping if they are trying to conquer an objective or even if you need vision on a certain place. According to our Heroes of the Storm Boost team, communicating is the easiest way to climb the ladder, so try to be a team player!

Take Advantage Of Owl Vision

We just finished talking about Sentinel and map pressure, but there is another point to cover. Usually, during our duo queue boost sessions, we notice that many players don’t watch the minimap often, and that’s a terrible mistake – our rule of thumb is to take a glance at the minimap at least every three seconds.
With a Tyrande on your team, keeping an eye on the minimap is even more crucial, because she will periodically cast her owl, that, among other effects, provide vision for her whole team. Having more vision means more picks between the lanes, better rotations, better objective control and more safety from ganks… as long as you can collect these informations.
Do yourself a favour, look at the minimap more often when you are playing with a Tyrande. If you spot a danger, be sure to ping it or warn your teammates using the chat.

Don’t Stack Your Stuns

Okay, this one is pretty easy. In our previous article we talked about the importance of her stun, and now we will tell you a final tip to increase its effectiveness.
First of all, don’t stack your stuns. If Tyrande used her crowd control, don’t use your own lock down immediately, but wait until the last second before casting it. Using it too early means that you are wasting precious moments and your target may survive the burst.
On the other hand, using your own stun too late means that your enemy has a chance to escape the lockdown. Learn its duration and try to play around it!
Finally, her stun is a skillshot, and can be pretty hard to hit it. Keeping this in mind, try to help her setting up the perfect opportunity: use your own crowd control to immobilize a target when she is in range and has her stun available. Making an initiation with her stun on a crowd controlled target will often start a favourable team fight, or a quick kill at the very least.

After reading all these tips, you should be able to support Tyrande more effectively.
If you like our content, check our site in the next few days for more guides! If you missed the first part of the article, you can find it in our blog.

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