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8 Large Mistakes You Should Never Do – Part 2

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  • 24/12/2015

space lord leoric
Hello lads! Today our Heroes of the Storm boost team is here again talking about a very important topic: the most common mistakes. Let’s be honest, even our most skilled boosters make mistakes from time to time, and even professional players. There is no shame in that.
However this is not a good reason to keep making the same mistakes every game, without trying to recognize and fix them. Errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum.
That’s the biggest difference between a casual player and a pro gamer: the first step towards improvement is understanding our failures and fixing them. Playing the best champions according to our HotS tier list won’t be enough to climb the ladder if you keep failing elsewhere. That’s why many of you decide to purchase our duo queue boost service, and in our endless sessions we found a few very common mistakes. With these guide, we will try to cover them.
Keep in mind that this is the second part of the article: check here if you missed the first part!

Trying Too Hard To Win A Lane

During our duo queue boost sessions we see many clients struggling when they are outnumbered in lane, because, according to many players, getting ahead if you are outnumbered in lane is really hard, if not impossible. Well, that’s partially true, but is based on a wrong assumption: you don’t need to win your lane to win the game.
If you are being outnumbered, it means that somewhere in the map an enemy is outnumbered, and it’s safe to assume that your ally is going to win the lane.
Many times is enough to just soak experience and play safely: that’s why we really value heroes that can hold a lane alone so much on our HotS tier list, and we will tell you if the new hero Lunara will be able to do it. Forcing a kill in lane or perma pushing is surely beneficial, but you should always remember that everything has a cost.
Calling many allies in your lane means that they won’t be soaking experience elsewhere and they will release some pressure. Rotations are hard, and sometimes ganking every lane fanatically is not the best idea: in many scenarios is better to play safely, soak experience and capitalize on enemies’ mistakes instead of making high risk, high rewards plays.

Contesting Objectives Without Enough HP Or Mana

We already talked in our previous post about the fact that always going for objectives isn’t the ideal strategy, and that you can win games even without securing them. As a matter of fact just yesterday I played vs Virtus.Pro and they actually let us take a couple of altars in Towers of Doom because they decided a push is more valuable. Elaborating on this concept, before trying to secure or contest an objective the first thing to do, according to our HotS boost team, is checking your health points and mana bar. If you don’t have enough mana, you won’t be able to cast spell and you will rely only on your autos to deal damage. If you don’t have enough health points, well, expect your enemies to come immediately to wipe you and steal the objective.
To avoid going “oom”, Out Of Mana, don’t spam your abilities on creeps and don’t harass your enemy if you already know you won’t be able to push him out of lane, deny experience or kill him. Clearing the minions quickly won’t give you any benefits except for a little damage on the structures, and it’s not worth it since you will be also vulnerable for ganks. Harassing too much an enemy who is protected by a healer is also meaningless, unless the healer goes out of mana himself.
Going out of health points is mainly due to overstaying in lane. There is no shame in losing a little experience or getting pushed in because you need to tap the well, and it will potentially save your life for the next big teamfight. Of course if you can rely on a tier 1 healer according to our Heroes of the Storm tier list you don’t need to recall, but keep in mind that healers need mana and they won’t be able to heal forever!

Going For The Same Build Every Game

Ok, this seems counterintuitive, I get it. There are thousands of articles and post in the web claiming to have the “perfect Kael’Thas build”, and data sites sorting the various builds by win rate. It’s easy to just copy the most efficient build for a certain champion and use it in every game, but to climb the ladder you need to do better.
Many talents in the game are situational, meaning that they are mostly useful in certain scenarios but aren’t really efficient in others. Let’s take Jaina, one of my favourite heroes, as an example. She is at the top of our Heroes of the Storm tier list because she can be built in many different ways depending on the game.
For example, when Zeratul was really popular, the Frost Armor talent was my choice to counter his auto attack damage, giving Jaina the opportunity to survive is burst and retaliate most of the damage. However if the enemies don’t have an auto attack damage source, you should skip that talent.
On the other hand, talents like Blood for Blood and Giant killer are extremely useful versus tanks and warriors in general, but aren’t really effective versus assassins. Spell shield is a great counter to mages and spellcasters in general, and Relentless is a great tool to face wombo-combo oriented team compositions. As you see, the options are endless, and just sticking to the same build every game is never the best choice.
The battleground also influences the talents choice. For example, on Infernal Shrines talents that increase your Area of effect damage are extremely important to secure Punishers. On Blackheart’s Bay, PvE oriented talents are extremely important to earn coins quickly. Always think about all these factors before choosing a talent and your win ratio will improve.

Not Respecting The Level 10 Power Spike

You all know that heroics are unlocked at level 10, and this means that even a little amount of experience can make a big difference if the enemies have access to their heroics and you don’t. Every hero gets a huge power spike from his heroic. Sure, some heroics are better than others, but they are always a huge part of every hero’s kit. We wonder how impactful Thornwood Vine
and Leapings Strike, the heroics of the new hero Lunara, will be, and probably the Leaping Strike mobility will be really huge for our new hero.
Therefore, don’t force a fight in this situation, even if it costs you an objective! Avoid the fight and just go soaking experience elsewhere until you get at level 10 to equal the power.
Fighting as a lv9 versus a lv10 team is basically a suicide. You will surely lose the fight, the enemies will have even more experience and you will lose more pressure on the map. Just surrender that objective and try to come back from a disadvantage as soon as you have access to your heroic!

Our article ends here, but don’t forget to check the first part if you missed! If you like our content, come back to our site in the next days for more guides and information about Heroes of the Storm.

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