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8 Large Mistakes You Should Never Do – Part 1

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  • 17/12/2015

8 mistakes you shouldnt do hots
Hello lads! Today our Heroes of the Storm boost team is here again talking about a very important topics: the most common mistakes. Let’s be honest, even our most skilled boosters make mistakes from time to time, and even professional players. There is no shame in that.
However this is not a good reason to keep making the same mistakes every game, without trying to recognize and fix them. Errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum.
That’s the biggest difference between a casual player and a pro gamer: the first step towards improvement is understanding our failures and fixing them. Playing the best champions according to our HotS tier list won’t be enough to climb the ladder if you keep failing elsewhere. That’s why many of you decide to purchase our duo queue boost service, and in our endless sessions we found a few very common mistakes. With these guide, we will try to cover them.
Keep in mind that this is the first part of the article: check our site in the next days for the second part!

Trying To Assault Every Objective Immediatelly

Our HotS boost team covered this topic many times in our last articles. It’s true that objectives are essential to win games, but this doesn’t mean that you need to make them your first priority. It’s totally possible to win a game without getting the objectives, and surely you can sacrifice them to get an advantage elsewhere in some situations.
The perfect example is in the Cursed Hollow battleground. As you know, you need to conquer three tributes before actually having an advantage, so the first two are actually worthless. If you decided to pick a late game team composition, and according to our HotS tier list many tier 1 champions shine in the late but are pretty weak early, chances are you are gonna lose the fight for the first tribute. It’s smarter to give it up without fighting, and sometimes even to surrender the second, and try to focus on pushing and soaking experience while scaling safely. This will mean that you are gonna be stronger for the third tribute fight and will easily win the game.
It’s also important to consider your position, your allies’ hp and power spikes before contesting an objective. Remember that dying when trying to contest an objective is a terrible scenario, while giving up a small advantage to do something else (pushing, capping a camp, soaking experience) is still a good trade.

Giving Up Winnable Games

In every MOBA this problem is pretty common. As soon as someone dies in lane, a random teammate will write “gg” in chat or even something more aggressive. Believe it or not, it’s possible to come back from a disadvantage, especially early in the game, but surrendering mentally means that it will be almost impossible.
Even if you just made a mistake, or your ally just died for no reason, don’t make things worse! Try to keep a positive mind set and the quality of your games will improve. Even if you are the most skilled player in the game, winning will be hard if in your mind the game is already lost
Our advice is to always try to encourage your team and to keep a positive attitude. I know it sounds silly and sometimes you will get frustrated, but believe me, it works. You should fight your enemies, not your own team mates!

Focusing The Wrong Enemy

This point is a little difficult to understand, so I’ll try to be as clear as possible. Many players believe that there is only one way to win a game, and won’t change their minds about it. Sometimes they will start even from the champion select, writing “focus Kael’Thas and we can win every fight” or something like that. Well, sure, that’s not the worst advice, but it’s not always true.
As a rule of thumb not only for HotS but for almost every game, there isn’t a strategy that works in every situation. One of the most misunderstood sentences is the advice “please don’t hit the tank”. But if you are using a ranged assassin like the new hero Lunara tunneling through the enemy front line to reach a squishy target isn’t a good idea. Sometimes it’s better to play it safe and attack the closest enemy from a safe position, even if it’s a tank.
However keep in mind that these statements are very situational. Most of time killing Kael’thas, one of the strongest heroes according to our Heroes of the Storm tier list, should be on of your priorities, especially if you are playing as a warrior or as a hyper mobile assassin.

Not Pushing When You Should

This error lost me many games, and I still see many people failing to understand this single concept. I know that playing safe is important, but taking advantage of your power spikes and strengths is even more crucial. If you just got a pick and your team is in position, don’t waste time and push the closest lane. If you just won a big team fight and you are still healthy, don’t go healing, secure an objective!
This is especially important in the late game, when you can reach the enemy core easily and even win the game in a single push ignoring the map mechanics. You won’t need three tributes if you can just force your way into the enemy base, don’t underestimate your late game pushing potential!

This ends the first part of our article. Check our site in the next days for the second part and more guides and informations about the new hero Lunara and our updated Heroes of the Storm tier list.

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